7 ways to put buyers in buy mode from the minute they step out of their car.

by Greg on March 22, 2017

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Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases a person will make in his or her lifetime. You know what this means right? Buyers are picky! And rightfully so.

In our current digital age, home buyers are doing a ton of internet search before they hit the pavement to look at homes. This is why it is SO important to WOW buyers with the exterior of your home. If your home looks dated and unkempt online, chances are buyers aren’t going to be interested.

If your home has passed the online test – congrats! Now the real work begins. You’ll need to make sure you don’t disappoint prospective buyers from the very second they pull up to your house.

It’s true what they say – you can never change the first impression that you make.

Here are 7 ways to wow prospective buyers and get them into buying mode before they even exit their car!

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Remove Junk

While it may be super convenient to keep your bike locked up on the fence by your front door, find another home for you trusty steed while you’re house is on the market.

It’s important for the exterior of your home to look polished and decluttered. So find a new home for any of the outdoor items you’re not using like old lawn chairs or children’s toys.

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Plant Fresh Flowers

There is nothing more inviting than fresh flowers if you ask me. They add a gorgeous pop of color and immediately make a home feel warm and inviting. Make sure to plant some brightly colored flowers in your front lawn, preferably visible from the street!

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Trim Your Trees

This one is simple but effective. Tree branches can easily get wily and out of control. Hire a service to trim your trees and get rid of any hazardous or dead branches whether attached or on the ground.

This simple trick will elevate the exterior of your home and make it feel more manicured than unkempt!

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Professionally Edge Your Lawn

Consider having your lawn professionally edged. When buyers pull up to your home they will see the crisp clean lines of your lawn. It will signify to them that you’re someone who cares about every little detail of your home. This will get them excited to see all that is in store inside!

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Repair and Paint your Fence

If your home is fenced in, then it is of the utmost importance that you repair any damage to your fence and give it a fresh coat of paint. Fences can disguise the rest of the exterior of the home so make sure prospective buyers first see a lovely fence that will protect their family in their new home.

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Take Care of your Workshop or Garage

Is the workshop or garage visible from street view? Don’t forget to make sure your outbuildings are in good shape too. If they need a fresh coat of paint, do it! It’s easy to think these are ancillary items that buyers won’t pay attention to. But when a buyer sees that you’ve meticulously cared for each part of your property they will definitely be wowed!

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Repair Existing Exterior Maintenance Issues

Finally, it is important to repair any existing maintenance issues to the exterior of your home. Do your windows need to be replaced? Is there a gutter sagging a little to the left? Does your front door deserve a fresh coat of paint? Don’t put off these items just because they are on the outside of the home.

Like we said, you can never change a first impression. And when a prospective buyer pulls up to your address, the exterior of your home and property is the first thing they’ll see. If you implement the ideas above, you are on your way to wowing buyers and selling your home!


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