Top 10 Interior Design Tips for the Best First Impression

by Greg on January 3, 2019

best interior design

Your home is your castle, and naturally, you want your friends and family members to be impressed when they come over. We did our thing and came up with the following ten home design tips to help you create a good first impression.

Try an Open-Floor Home Design

It’s a fact that modern apartments are less spacious than older ones, but that shouldn’t get in the way of your nice home decor ideas. Adopting an open floor plan for your living room makes it look more spacious, allows in more natural light and makes it easy to entertain.

Watch the Entrance

Entrance Design

When you think of home interiors decorating ideas, it’s easy to forget the entrance. However, having some flower vases, plants or other forms of ornaments at your entryway or porch is a sure way of captivating your guest’s eyes even before they set foot inside.

Let Your Door Set the Tone

Colors are one of the pillars of home design as they show your style and preferred tone. So, when doing your door, try to paint it in colors that not only symbolize your personal style but also set the tone for the interior. The design and placement of the doorknob and knocker matter too, and so does the design of the door itself.

Add a few Beautiful Decor Accessories

Decor Accessories

Another way to increase the attractiveness of your house interiors is to incorporate some beautiful decor items such as crystal accessories and decorative pieces made from precious metals. This gives the impression of sophistication and class and is also inspirational to guests.

So, when thinking of some ideas for home improvement, have décor items in mind!

Get the Right Scent

Smell is one of the five senses that have a significant influence on human behavior and perceptions. As such, try to get a powerful yet subtle air diffuser to keep your house smelling nice. You may also want to burn some scented candles when you’re having guests over.

Plants are Life!

Home Design

Plants, apart from being beautiful on their own, give a feeling of life to your home as well as some much-needed fresh air. So, invest in a couple of plant pots and flower vases and place a couple of plants and flowers around your living area when doing your home design. Most importantly, don’t forget to water and care for them!

Try Some Wall Decorations

Wall paint is too regular and uninspiring, particularly if you live in an apartment or rented house. As such, add some wallpapers on your walls depicting various things and in different designs and colors. You can look to Pinterest or YouTube for advanced tips on how to design your living room wallpapers.

Have a Signature Piece of Art of Furniture

If possible, purchase a piece of furniture or art that symbolizes your entire personality and vision for your house and place it in the entryway or living room. You may want to look online for some great house furniture ideas to help you along.

Provide for Luggage Storage

Your guests will be more impressed if they get a place to keep their luggage without messing up your room. It is also a good idea to have a coat hanger, near the entryway, where they can hang their clothes.

Keep Your House Clean Always

Best Home Design

No matter how beautifully it’s furnished and adorned, a dirty house will only attract derision and disgust. Do a general cleanup at least once a week and always throw away items like cigarette butts, paper wrappers and other trash in the trash can. Cleanliness is sexy!


As the holidays approach, you may find yourself entertaining guests on more than one occasion. We’re certain that this article has furnished you with some knowledge on how to make your own home seem like a palace to your guests.

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