The Fresh Start Project: building a new home for a family in need

by Chris Lang on November 24, 2010

Fresh Start Project House Build They say spring is about new beginnings. How many of you have started building a new home this spring? This is something I would love to do, one day, build my own home, and to begin it in the spring would be so symbolic.

There is one family I’d like to tell you about, whose home construction has begun a couple of weeks ago, on the 8th of November. Their names are Abednego and Dau, they have 4 children and were spending all of their income on rent, food and education for the kids. They would have never been able to afford their own home – the one that has been built by and Habitat for Humanity Australia, in Bidwill, New South Wales.

What is this all about? In two words – housing affordability. Or should I say ‘housing inaffordability’? It’s a well known issue that’s being debated in the media (even more now because of the rising interest rates). Everyone is going on and on about the poor first home buyers being locked out of the property market and doomed to renting, but hardly anything is being done to make the housing more affordable. On this angry note let me get back to the topic I have some nice things to say about, for a change.

So, by building a home for Abednego and Dau, Habitat for Humanity Australia and are trying to get people who are in a position to help out to support their project. The interesting thing is that they are documenting the whole process in their blog – I have never had a chance to follow the whole process of how a house is being built, and since the building is going fast, that makes following even more exciting.

The concrete base of the house was prepared before they began building on the 8th of November and in just one day they were able to finish the entire framework of the building.

By day 3, never mind the heavy rain, they had frames and trusses installed and secured, the walls and the roof were wrapped in water-proof paper, cement panels were installed and the roof was tiled.

Watch how much they could get done in under a week:

By day four they sanded the cement walls to make them ready for painting, put the insulation in and all the eves on place. What a pace. Anyway, I’ll let you get all the details first-hand from their blog here and will just say that yesterday, on the 23rd of November, the house was finished!

In this amazing effort a 5-bedroom house with two bathrooms, porches, landscaping and a fence was finished in just 2 weeks. Congratulations to Habitat For Humanity and workers and volunteers, and, of course the lucky family whose life has been changed forever.

Consider sharing the information about the Fresh Start Project with your friends to raise awareness about the work Habitat For Humanity does, which will help them gather volunteers, sponsors and donations.

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Adam November 25, 2010 at 9:21 am

It is a noble and generous gesture to help a family build their own home. I wish them happiness in their new home. I have to question, though, why this was built in one of Australia’s most expensive cities? The family already spend the majority of money on day-to-day living expenses which, in Sydney, are pretty damn high.

In part, I think our country is suffering from severe housing inaffordability (me included) because we are not investing enough in growing our regional areas. As I commute on the train into Sydney CBD out of necessity each day, large advertisements remind me of the EvoCities ( campaign. Having previously lived in one of the ‘EvoCities’, I can say that even as a renter my lifestyle was streaks ahead of what I experience in Sydney.

What we lack is infrastructure and accessibility in these areas. Why aren’t we building that instead?


above ground swimming pools November 29, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Interest rate in the real state is soaring like a rocket. How would a common man afford a home? How would he going to dream a home? I think the issue is a debate every where and a serious concern also.
Glad to read your aticle.


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