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Exchanged contracts? Get insurance!

by Chris Lang on November 8, 2012
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When your offer has been accepted and the contracts have been exchanged, it is so tempting to finally relax. You deserve it – you’ve worked hard, searched and found the right house, negotiated a great price and feel kind of proud of yourself and exhausted at the same time. Sorry, the celebration will have to […]

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Making an offer on a house – things you must know

by Chris Lang on August 11, 2012
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In any private sale making an offer on a property is one of the important steps. If you make an offer and it’s accepted – just keep your part of the deal and the house is yours.

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Plan before buying a house

by Chris Lang on July 21, 2012
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When you are thinking about a budget for a house you’re going to buy, there are 2 main money questions to think about. The first question is “How much?” and the second is “When?”.

Basically what I am saying is not only the amount matters, but also the time frame – when you have to pay it. Why? Because you may not have the whole amount up front on the day you’re signing the contract, but

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What “Under offer” and “Under contract” means

by Chris Lang on September 20, 2008
What "Under offer" and "Under contract" means

The process of buying a house, like any other process, has several stages. Terms “Under offer” or “Under contract” are essentially the same, they indicate the status of the house through the selling process – note that they only apply to a private sale and never to an auction.

When a house is “Under offer” or “Under contract”

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