Seasonal Home Maintenance Schedule To Keep Your House In Best Condition

by Greg on August 23, 2019
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The home maintenance schedule may seem like an unwanted investment to many homeowners, and they may wait for a piece of evidence to surface to take action against the situation. However, in that case, it can lead to many costly repairs, which is an undesirable situation for everyone. Home maintenance can give you sustainable returns […]

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6 practical tips for a successful final inspection

by Chris Lang on September 25, 2012
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Contrary to what you may think, the final inspection that happens within 7 days before the settlement date is very important. Simply put, this is your last chance to get the vendor to fix anything that was broken in the period between the day you signed the contract and the settlement.

So …

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Secrets of a Photo Shoot That Will Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

by Chris Lang on June 29, 2011
Secrets of a Photo Shoot That Will Sell Your Home For Top Dollar

Selling a home in today’s tough property market can be tricky. This is why sellers will often be advised to hold on to the house for the time being – but what can you do if you absolutely have to sell? That’s right – make it look as attractive as humanly possible. Let me ask […]

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Final inspection checklist

by Chris Lang on November 26, 2010
Final inspection checklist

You’ve bought a house. Congratulations! The contract’s been signed, the finance is in order, the settlement date is approaching, and your conveyancers are on it. Wait up, no sleeping on your laurels yet! What about the final inspection? What final inspection? Your estate agent may have forgotten to mention this to you. As a purchaser, […]

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Inspection checklist #2 for home buyers

by Chris Lang on March 22, 2009
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If a house has passed your first inspection and created a good (or at least neutral) first impression, it could mean that after a while you will short-list it as one of the final candidates, or even “the one”. And because buying a house is such a huge decision, you will need to inspect it again.

The purpose of the second inspection is to notice all the major advantages and disadvantages of the property, including things that will inevitably cost you money to add, fix or replace. There is a difference between “want to fix” and “must fix”. For example, if you’re buying a house with an old rotting fence and it falls over, you will have to replace it, so this is a “must fix” situation. On the other hand, if you’ve bought a house with an old dishwasher that you don’t like, you might want to replace it, but while it works you don’t have to.

When calculating a price you will offer on a house, you should consider all the things, replacement / addition of which will cost you money immediately after you move, because that literally means that the house costs you that much more.

There are things you can’t see or feel (like the size of the land) and will have to ask the vendor or the estate agent – don’t be afraid to disturb them, call and ask because you need to find out.

The things you need to pay attention to include:

General information about the house and the land

  • Land Size
  • Land Shape
  • Ceiling height
  • Type of hot water system installed
  • Is there a rain water tank or a watering system
  • House-related

  • The condition of the inner and the outer walls, whether they insulated or not
  • Gutters – new/old, in good/poor condition
  • Roof

  • What kind of tiles (terracotta/concrete/metal), insulated or not
  • Condition – good/poor
  • Heating/Cooling

  • Whether installed, what kind(ducted/gas heating, evaporative cooling/air conditioning), in what rooms
  • Windows

  • The condition of window glass and frames, of the fly mesh and the curtains
  • Doors

  • The condition of the doors and door frames, wire doors and fly mesh
  • Floors

  • The type of floor coverings (boards, carpets, laminate) and the condition – good/poor
  • Bathrooms

  • The condition of taps, bath tubs, sinks, shower screens, toilet bowls
  • Kitchen

  • What kind of appliances are there (and are being sold with the house), what sort of the benchtop is there
  • Outside

  • The condition of fences and retaining walls – good/poor

Happy house hunting!

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Inspection checklist #1 for home buyers

by Chris Lang on March 18, 2009
Inspection checklist #1 for home buyers

If you’re anything like me, you will inspect properties you are seriously considering more than once, and for a very god reason. First inspection can give you just one thing: a first impression. First impression is usually a very strong one and in most cases I had one of the following 3 feelings: 1. Good […]

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