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Renting with pets

by Chris Lang on August 14, 2014
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I must say that renting with a pet makes your job much harder, because not many landlords want to accept tenants with pets. When I was looking to rent a place, I discovered that my beautiful dog pretty much ruined my chances of getting a house by 80 percent – 8 out of 10 houses […]

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Strata title and body corporate

by Chris Lang on March 20, 2012
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If you are planning to buy a unit or a flat in an apartment building, you need to know what a strata title is. Basically, a strata title makes it possible for you to own a part of the building (and before the strata title law was introduced that was impossible). Why do we need […]

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Section 32 – what the heck is it? (part 3)

by Chris Lang on November 2, 2008
Section 32 - what the heck is it? (part 3)

Building permit

All the building permits for the house issued 7 years back from the date of contract should be listed here. Also if the house was built by owner builder in the same period of time – a relevant permit should be attached. Why is that of interest to you? Because, for example, if you see a new pergola or a carport

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Section 32 – what the heck is it? (part 2)

by Chris Lang on October 31, 2008
Section 32 - what the heck is it? (part 2)

All the taxes, rates, body corporate fees and charges of that sort that normally are payable on that property should be listed here. Unfortunately the law allows the vendor to just say “not exceeding …” and give you the highest amount (say, $1800) – without giving you the exact number. Personally, I find that annoying. This section should also list all the sums the vendor still owes and the interest payable on them.

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Section 32 – what the heck is it? (part 1)

by Chris Lang on October 29, 2008
Section 32 - what the heck is it? (part 1)

Short version: One boring, awfully long, barely readable document that you get with the house contract. You can’t sign the contract if you haven’t received Section 32.for the house.

Long version: The real name of this document is Section 32 Vendor’s Statement – but we all call it just Section 32. You better read it and pay attention to the details, because it is the most accurate description of your future home you will ever get.

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Home owner’s expenses

by Chris Lang on December 19, 2007
Home owner's expenses

Many of us don’t know, forget or do not think about the expenses that come with owning a house, yet they can add up. I decided to list most of them (everything I could think of) as a reminder of what’s involved in owning a house.

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Types of properties

by Chris Lang on May 3, 2007
Types of properties

The first thing you have to choose when looking online for houses to buy or rent is the type of property – and there are quite a few! Studio, flat, apartment, unit, house or townhouse – what’s the difference?

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