Selling? ‘Get More for Your Home’

by Chris Lang on November 4, 2014

Get More For Your Home by Andrew Blachut

Did you know there’s a revolution happening in the Australian real estate industry? A relatively new way to sell a home called “Agent-Assisted Sale” is becoming more and more popular.

Why? If I could name just one reason, well, it would be “because it allows home sellers to get much more for their property”. Anyone who sells their home in this new way saves thousands of dollars they otherwise would have paid to a real estate agent – no wonder this method is gaining traction day by day.

I had a chance to chat to the revolution leader, the person who invented the Agent-Assisted Sale method, Andrew Blachut of He is just about to release a book he wrote to help more Australians get great results when selling their homes. So if you’re intending to put your home on the market – don’t do anything before you read it, because it can make a big, big difference to your bottom line.

Chris: Hi Andrew, congratulations on your new book, and thank you for taking the time for this interview.

Who is the book for?

Andrew:Get More For Your Home by Andrew Blachut

This book is squarely aimed at anyone who is using an agent assisted sale as opposed to a private sale with no agent involvement. That is to say anyone wanting to sell with no commission but in a structured and efficient way with appropriate agent help and none of the superfluous stuff.

Chris: How will your book help home sellers?


The book will demystify the process of selling and also shoot down some long held myths that have been projected and protected by agents who wish people to believe, that agents are necessary to the process.

Chris: What are the benefits your readers can expect?


Because selling efficiently is inextricably wound around listing on, the book focuses very heavily on the methodology and process of listing there. It also examines and explains the rules which must be followed to steer clear of trouble with the real estate agent portals, who would prefer private sellers not to be included on their agent centric sites.

Chris: How can we get a copy of your book?

The book is called ‘Get More For Your Home’ and is available for download on for a launch price of just 99 cents.

Folks, don’t wait another minute, head over to Amazon to download Andrew’s book.

Update: it’s been just a few hours since release, and the book has already gained the Amazon Bestseller status! Get in while you can at the launch price of just $0.99.

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