Preparing a House for Sale

by Greg on April 18, 2016

home for sale

Selling property can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Aside from the financial pressures of preparing your home for sale, you have to make countless difficult decisions along the way that can overwhelm even the most experienced vendors.

With thorough research and planning, selling your home doesn’t need to be the stressful process that we often imagine it to be. Here’s a simple game plan to keep in mind when putting your house on the market.

1.Get Rid of the Mess

Nobody wants to inspect an open house that is full of clutter! In order to have a positive first impression, it’s incredibly important to get rid of unnecessary items to give your interiors a breath of fresh air.

The easiest way to de-clutter is through the four-box method. Simply gather four boxes and label them as give away, keep, relocate and throw away. Sort through your stuff and put each item into one of the four boxes. Start with small rooms and work up to bigger ones so you don’t get overwhelmed. Remember, concentrate on one room at a time to avoid unfinished jobs and to ensure the task is manageable.

2.Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

Hiring the right estate agent can be the difference between selling for your desired price or ended up disappointed come auction day. Real estate agents may sell property for a living, however, some are more suited to the task of selling your property than others.

If you’re unsure of where to start, consider asking friends nearby for local recommendations or turn to the web to research your options. Websites such as RateMyAgent are a great resource for vendors looking to find top agents in their area. RateMyAgent is Australia’s no. 1 real estate agent rankings and reviews website and receives over 3,000+ reviews every week from genuine vendors who rate their experience with estate agents.

Engage in thorough research before selecting an agency to sell your home and do not choose an agent solely on their commission rate. Local market knowledge is incredibly important so do not rush into a decision until you’ve reviewed your every option

3.Clean and Make Necessary Fixes

Ensure that your home is clean to make sure that future buyers don’t see anything that may detract from their first impression. Keep in mind that neat and tidy homes sell fast! To help you achieve a spotless home, check out our list of common cleaning mistakes we make every day.

Aside from house cleaning, don’t forget to check items such as leaky taps, loose door handles, and squeaky doors. Make repairs where required so buyers feel that they could move in and have nothing to fix.

4. Update Your Home’s Exterior

Enhance the exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint to add to its curb appeal. Choose paint colours wisely to ensure a sophisticated appearance that works well with neighbouring properties.

Ensure that your garden is free of weeds, hedges are professionally trimmed and everything is in good order. Hiring a professional gardener to look after your yard whilst navigating open houses will free up your time to ensure that your interior is in top condition each time your home is open to the public.

5. Get Your Property Officially Listed

Once your home is in order, maintained and clutter-free, it’s finally time to get in touch with your chosen agent. This stage of the process will require you to sign documents that formalize your agreement with an agent so it’s important to ask any nagging questions that you may have. Agents deal with nervous vendors each and every day so you shouldn’t have any unanswered questions before you sign on the dotted line.

Have you had experience selling a home in the past? We’d love to hear more about your experiences below.

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