How to Sell Your House Even If You Have Violations

by Greg on January 20, 2020

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Before you became a homeowner, you might have never given much thought to the idea of having violations. Your home can seem like it’s in good enough shape to sell, but depending on its age/design, it could be out of step with current code requirements. If you have violations, fear not. These are some ways you can still find a buyer.

Handle Repairs ASAP

The easiest way to deal with violations is to get them taken care of as soon as you can. You can get a home inspection done to assess what areas are most in need of attention, such as presence of asbestos and other health risks. Having a party interested in buying be present can let them feel you’re on their side. Once the needed repairs have been itemized, you can focus on finding professionals with proper licensure to remedy these issues. Only take on tasks that you can safely handle, such as cutting down the grass. Even then, it’s wise to hire landscapers.

Reduce the Price

A house with violations isn’t necessarily unlivable, just like how a car can still be sold with a few dents and scratches. However, you shouldn’t be gunning for the same price as one that’s near-flawless. Negotiate with the buyers about an appropriate selling price. They can put money that would’ve gone into the home into paying for repairs and other home improvement matters.

Find an Investor

If your house has an abundance of violations, you might find that people aren’t exactly keen on moving in. But you can still sell it. Real estate investors, such as house-flippers, can see the potential in a home and choose to snag it so it can be fixed up and sold at a better price. You can have your house off your hands and a business that advertises itself as “we buy houses” can take care of the rest for you.

Follow-up Inspection

After the initial inspection and remedies have taken place, it’s time to schedule a follow-up appointment with the inspector. They can compare how your house looks compared to when they last checked in. You can be thrilled to know your home is in the right shape to be sold and lived in.

Home safety is very easy to take for granted and overlook. When you’re selling your house, learning of violations can be disturbing, but it would be even more disturbing if you chose to stay in the dark and risk putting someone in danger. By taking prompt action and being transparent, you can sell your house and have a clear conscious.

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