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by Greg on December 27, 2018

modern bathroom features

Bathroom renovations are finally getting the spotlight they deserve. People are getting more serious about the problems concerning their water consumption and that is resulting in the invention of green faucets and shower heads. We are starting to realize how important bathrooms are, not just for keeping clean, but also for relaxation and battle with stress. Bathroom renovation tips are everywhere, and people are even doing country-specific styles, such as Australia bathroom design ideas. So, if you’ve finally decided to give your bathroom a makeover, here are some must-haves to include in your new favorite room of the house.

1. Water saving faucets and showers

Nowadays, the environment is one of the most important questions for everybody. You can do your share for the protection of the Earth by purchasing a green faucet or shower head. The modern versions are excellent – they prevent waste, and they don’t take away any of the comforts of the regular taps. While the price is a bit higher, it gets compensated pretty quickly through the reduction in water and electricity bills, so it pays off as well.
Renovation doesn’t have to be so expensive if you make a good plan, you can have extraordinary bathroom and don’t spend all your fortune.

2. Double sink

For everybody who doesn’t live alone, a double sink is a must. If you and your significant other start work at the same time, you know how suddenly the bathroom becomes crowded. In those cases, a double sink is a true blessing. It’s highly practical, and if done right, can be very stylish.

3. A seriously fancy bathtub

fancy bathtub
How can anyone be expected to relax without a nice, hot, bubble bath? There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you’re soaking in scorching hot water and the tension evaporates with the steam. There are many health benefits to hot baths and showers, and they are mostly about lowering blood pressure, blood sugar, relaxing your muscles and reducing headaches. Still, even more important benefits are those connected with the reduction in stress levels. After a long day, a hot bath may (sometimes literally) be just what the doctor ordered.

4. Romantic lights

Romantic lights are a must-have, of course, but people usually connect them with bedrooms, living rooms, or even patios. You’ve probably never thought that they’re necessary for the bathroom as well. Well, think about it – can you relax while taking a bath, if the light is too bright, glaring, and annoying? Certainly not. In order to make your bathing experience complete, you’ll need subdued lights. In fact, you can go an extra mile and get some scented candles as well, for extra pleasurable and relaxing moments.

5. In-floor heating system

Is there a worse feeling than stepping on a cold tile after a hot shower? It’s one of the things that can ruin a perfectly relaxing me-time in no more than a second. The answer to that problem is obviously in-floor heating system. It brings a whole new level of luxury into your home, and the room in which you feel it the most is the bathroom. Indulge in a little luxury, and never set foot on a horribly cold floor again.

6. Storage

Storage is one of the most important things about any room in the house, and bathrooms are no exception. Even if it doesn’t seem like you need a lot of storage space, consider all the things you keep in the bathroom (or the bedroom if there is no space for them in the bathroom). There are towels and house robes, all kinds of cosmetic and hygienic products, hair products and makeup. You definitely need a place for all of those, and the most practical place is the bathroom. Therefore, when renovating yours, keep storage in mind.

7. Practicality

If there is any characteristic we tie to the bathroom more than any other room in the house, it is practicality. Bathrooms can be breathtaking or plain, tiny or gigantic, but they must always be practical. Therefore, make sure yours is the epitome of practicality. Make sure there are heated towel rails, so you don’t have to touch disgusting wet cloth when you want to wipe your hands. If you like wooden floors, that’s fine, but for the sake of practicality don’t get real wood for the bathroom. It’ll rotten in no time, so tiles that imitate the look of wood are a better option. Also, be practical when getting the stuff you need. It’s easier to find a single store for all bathroom supplies in Sydney, for example, than having to shop around and move from store to store in order to find matching accessories. It’ll save some headache and quite a bit of time.

8. A personal note

fancy bathtub
You can’t relax in a bathroom you don’t like. Therefore, try to make sure that you simply adore everything about it. Make sure it fits your personal style. You like vintage? Artistic? Industrial? Whatever it is that you like, go for it. If you do, you’ll enjoy every second you spend in the bathroom.
The bathroom should be your safe haven. It is a room where you can relax and let go of your worries, so make sure it’s perfect for you.


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