7 things you can do to help the agent sell your house, part 2

by Chris Lang on May 14, 2009

Real Estate ladySelling your house is a labor intensive process and as such needs to be shortened as much as possible. In my previous post I wrote about 3 things you can do to help your real estate agent sell your house faster and here are 4 more things that can help speed up the selling.

4. Clean spotless.

Funny as it sounds, you can have a great house, expensive furniture, a lovely garden and nobody will remember any of that – if it was messy, people will remember the mess. If your home looks tidy, cared for, loved – that picture will stick in the minds of your buyers. It needs to be shiny, sparkling, and spotless.

5. Don’t be at home when people are coming to inspection.

Think back when you were looking to buy a house and remember that inspection when you came and the vendors were home. Remember how awkward it felt to be going through someone’s house while they are there? Inspection is the only time people can get a feeling of “what it would be like to live in this house” – which is a bit hard to achieve when they are not alone. They won’t feel free to look around, to open doors and look into the rooms, they will have this one urge to get a quick look and run away – the opposite of what you want.

6. Don’t limit inspections to weekends.

If you can – and think about how you can before you say “I can’t” – offer inspections on working days, not just weekends. It will maximize your chances of finding the right buyer because a lot of investors have the freedom of inspecting during the week. Or on contrary some buyers are working weekends and can’t make it to your inspection in Saturday. Speak to your agent and let him or her know what days other than Saturday / Sunday you are available to let people come to inspection.

7. Offer your building and pest reports.

If you have a clean and recent pest inspection or building inspection report – let the agent know, so that he could offer them to prospective buyers. It will save those people over $600 and will make them more inclined to buy your place rather than another one they don’t know anything about. It will also make you look good and create a certain degree of trust between you, which can make the sale easier.

Do you have anything to add to this list? What worked for you when you sold the house? What did the tricks? Leave a comment on this post, let us all learn from your experience.

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Home Builder July 23, 2009 at 9:27 pm

I just found the second half of your tips (oops). Number 7 is one that I had not considered myself in the potential sale of a building. Especially if you have had an expert check heating and cooling systems or percentages of your home. For example you have a report that discusses the potential energy savings of some home renovations you did regarding heating or cooling systems if you can give this to the agent to pass on to perspective buyers that would really be a benefit I believe.

Thanks again for the great tips!



house clearance September 23, 2009 at 9:45 pm

i totally agree with tip number 4 and 5, even thou the sellers stuff isn’t going to be there when the buyer moves in leaving the house a decent state can make a huge differance. Also the awkwardness of tip 5 can spoil a viewers experience of the house in stead of looking and thinking of the house they would thinking of how awkward they feel


Architectural Services UK January 23, 2010 at 1:40 pm

I found that having a dirty exterior to a property can put off potential buyers. Giving the exterior a good paint can encourage.


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