Why building a home shouldn’t be a scary thought anymore

by Greg on March 24, 2020

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Moving house can be a challenging time. Where to live, what do we want from the house, do the kids need to move school, what’s my new commute time? Can we afford it?? With access to social media and other websites increasingly easy, we often have high expectations and the perfect idea of a home we desire to make it all the more difficult too. Compromising is not something we would choose to do if we simply didn’t have to but often, that which we desire, can be out of our price range. 

So what about building your own home? If you think about it, this can be an incredibly cost-effective way of creating your dream home. Yes, you have to buy the land, materials and labour to make this happen. But overall, this tends to cost less than buying the perfect finished version which could put your ideal home within reach. 

Building your own home may sound like a daunting and onerous task, but there has never been more advice and support available. For example, find a great resource here – and this is just one of many available from the experts. 

What help is available for self-builders? 
There are many considerations you must undertake before you commit to building your own home but nowadays, they are surmountable. For example, finances. In the past, vast amounts of capital would have been required upfront and mortgage lenders wouldn’t have been brave enough to hand it out when they couldn’t see the concrete building. As self-build is increasingly common, they are more used to this. 

We’ve previously touched on the resources available to help, but this is really worth discussing. There are so many experts around who can guide and advise your project and when you’re sourcing the information online, it’s often free too. And let’s not forget the personal blogs you can read of people who have done the same thing, advising of their pitfalls, meaning you can avoid them! 

Architects, designers, builders, tradespeople – the increased amount of people building their own homes has created more jobs for these people so you aren’t stuck with just one choice who could end up charging whatever they want. Services have become more competitive and also more readily available to help you with your project. 

The connected world makes it easier to ascertain the reputation of the team of tradespeople you will work with too. It’s usually straightforward to check out any recommendations of references provided and speak to those who have used them in the past. That way, you’ll get to know if they are cowboys or legitimate before you enter a long-term relationship with them. 

Design-wise there are again so many resources available to help you style your house however you want. Plus, auction sites, flea markets and online shopping can mean you get the look for a price you wouldn’t have thought possible in the past. 

Historically, the idea of building your own home was a scary and lonely one. But now it is something which could be looked at as a fantastic – if challenging – way to get your perfect home. Make sure you call on the resources available from the experts and choose a great team, and you’ll be amazed at the final outcome. 

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