Ways you can incorporate pastels in your home

by Greg on October 15, 2015

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Along with the design industry’s bold and bright color scheme trend, there’s no surprise that pastel color will dominate this year’s trends to put up a good soft mood – from hair to garments and even home decoration and design.

Although it’s easy to think and say you want a pastel colored room, when it’s time for picking up the perfect soft color for the room, you’re too afraid to choose for you might end up having a nursery for a baby girl. If you don’t want to risk painting your entire room in pastel pink but still want to have a touch of the color in your room, there are many ways you can do in order to still incorporate it.

Though it can be really soothing in the eyes to have soft-colored walls, here are other ways you can incorporate pastels in your comforting abode.

Flower pot or planters. If you really can’t commit a hundred percent with pastels but love the idea of having your home decorated with the shade, you can never go wrong with using plants for decoration. Meanwhile, for this particular design, you can just simply buy planters or plant pots in pastel shades if you can find one. However, if you’re under a budget watch, don’t worry. You can just opt to paint your current planers instead. Once painted and all dolled up, go on and put them on display. Make sure that the placement and pastel shade goes and blends well with your current wall color.

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Tone down brighter and bolder colors. Pastel shades are great color to tone down bold and brighter colors. For instance, you have a pink neon wall painted art just right above your shelf or headboard. You can repaint your shelf or headboard into a soft pink pastel shade that would blend well with the neon pink wall art color. Since the shelf or headboard is just right below the wall art, your eyes travels from the bold neon pink color down to the soft soothing pink shade which goes great together. It’s a subtle way of muting the bright color and making them look pulled together.

Paint your furnitures. Pull an eccentric vibe off your home and paint your furniture to spruce up your home and at the same time bring character to it. Paint your table of seating chair in your favorite pastel hues and see them pop and catch your eyes’ attention in the room. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go all out and paint your furniture entirely, there’s this ongoing trend called dipped furniture wherein you just dip and paint certain areas or parts of the furniture in which color you prefer. Let’s say, chairs. If you don’t want them painted in pastel completely, dip half of the furniture or one fourths, your choice, and let them dry. Play along with it if you wish however, just ensure that it would still look grand when placed altogether in your designated room.

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DIY accessories. Much like painting house pots, don’t throw the paint away just yet for you can still reuse them to paint other home accessories. Example? How about your garbage bin. You always seem to hide it for it’s not a great sight. So, a creative solution for that could be painting it and never let your garbage bin feel left out from your stylish living space. Other examples would be your vase, picture frames, shelves, storage boxes, coasters, and other accessories you may have there lying.

Pair pastels with prints.

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Pair it with white walls. So, how do you truly incorporate a pastel decor or shade so seamlessly and crisp? Easy. You pair it with white. It’s a tried and tested technique so you can’t really go wrong with it. You really don’t have to completely cover your room with pastel walls but instead, you can assimilate it by painting or keeping your walls white then bring in your pastel-shaded accessories or furnitures. Or, if you really want a pastel wall, consider an accent wall and match it with a furniture of the same hue. Moreover, the warm shades in a white room really pops and are the first thing your eyes will spot on when you scan through the room. It really brings life and color to a plain view.

Make your home feel light and airy by incorporating pastel shades and hues. Of course, by still maintaining and keeping in consideration your wall color, theme and overall interior design of your wonderful abode. Do you have any more suggestions on how you would and have taken in pastel colors in your home? Share it with us!


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