Unique ways decorative mirrors upgrade a room

by Greg on June 20, 2018

decorative mirrors infographic

Mirrors are often bought and installed in a home for practical reasons. They are useful for general grooming as they allow you to see yourself and fix any imperfection before heading out. For interior designers and decorators all over the globe, however, mirrors are more than just reflective surfaces that are only useful in this aspect. They can also be employed to beautify the home further, drive home the overall concept or theme running through the house’s décor, and improve the aesthetic appeal of the other fixtures and decorations in the house.

The two aspects of a mirror — its reflective surface and the framing it has — play key roles into these tricks. The artistic framing creates a more seamless appeal to the theme of the house and can serve as a focal point for a room. The reflective surface can bring in more light and visual illusion of space and depth in the room. They function essentially like windows, only they are moveable and can be placed anywhere you like. When used correctly, they become artworks in their own right in such minimal setup, emphasizing the views and colors and creating a special effect in the house.

To know more about how mirrors can upgrade a room to the next level, check out this infographic by Accent Art and Frame.

Unique ways decorative mirrors upgrade a room infographic

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