Types of houses in Australia – now with pictures

by Chris Lang on June 13, 2008

A picture is worth a million words, right?

As I promised in my previous post about types of houses in Australia, here are the pictures of houses of different periods and styles.

Hopefully these will help you identify the style of your house and the period it belongs to. There are noticeable differences – as you are about to see.

Victorian (1840 – 1890)

Victorian House 2

Victorian House 1

Victorian House 3

Federation (1891 – 1913)

Federation House 3

Federation House 1

Federation House 2

War (1914 – 1945)

War period House 1

War period House 2

War period House 3

Note: this type is more commonly known as California Bungalows. The inspiration for this style of house is the American Craftsman Homes Movement promoted by Gustav Stickley.

Post-war (1946 – 1959)

Post-war period House 1

Post-war period House 2

Post-war period House 3

Contemporary (1960 – present)

Contemporary House 1

Contemporary House 2

Many thanks to Australian Home Design Directory and Wikipedia for the wonderful photos.

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