Top Reasons To Get A Fog Misting System

by Greg on August 20, 2019

fog misting system

The 2018-2019 summer season has been Australia’s hottest on record. The country may be in the middle of winter right now, but by December, it will be summertime once again, and we should be worried about how hot this coming summer is going to be.

Then again, almost every country in the world is experiencing rising temperatures every year. So for those with access to AC systems, spending a lot of time in air-conditioned homes and buildings seems to be the most immediate solution for the worsening heat.

There’s no question that air conditioning is such a blessing in a world that’s only getting hotter. It is, however, not the only thing that can help us keep cool when summer comes. You can also go for fog misting systems which are proving to be an effective way of bringing temperatures down, and not just indoors.
Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a fog misting system.


Air conditioners release hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs into the atmosphere. HFCs are greenhouse gases, so using an AC unit keeps you cool but makes the planet warmer in the process.

A fog misting system, on the other hand, does not emit harmful greenhouse gases. What it releases is a mist of tiny water droplets, a result of forcing water out of special nozzles at high pressure. This mist can cool an area down to 25 degrees.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

AC units are primarily for use indoors. Fog misting systems, meanwhile, are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can cool you off in your living room and your patio or deck as well. You can also use it in the basement and other areas of your home where using AC units isn’t practical.

No bugs

If you have a fog misting system in your patio or deck, then you won’t have to worry about bugs anymore. Flies, mosquitoes, and other insects will find it very hard to fly through the very fine mist of water droplets that a misting system produces. In effect, a fog misting system can also act as a bug spray, but without the toxic chemicals.

Cleaner air

The air that we breathe in our homes tends to be replete with pollen, dust, and other impurities. A fog misting system helps remove them from the air, allowing you to spend more time with your friends and loved ones in your backyard without being overwhelmed by allergies.


Newer AC units may be getting more energy-efficient, but they are also getting more expensive by the day. Operating and maintaining it over the years is also going to cost you.
Fog misting systems are cheaper than air conditioning units in many ways. It doesn’t use up a lot of energy, and maintenance is minimal.


Fog misting systems are for homes. They’re for offices, businesses, farms, sports arenas, and other public places as well.

These are just some of the reasons why getting a fog misting system is a great idea. You can get a portable version, or you can have a full setup. Either way, you’ll have an excellent alternative way to keep cool without harming the environment.


Anna Fox

Anna Fox is the Content Marketing Strategist of Señor Mist, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that provides high pressure misting systems/fog effects, comfort heaters, patio drop shades, hvls fans and more. When not writing, she makes use of her spare time reading books and hiking with her dog, Blaze.

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