Top Property Design Trends in 2014

by Chris Lang on March 6, 2014

Property Design

Interior design has the power to make your house worth living in. In the past, decoration was all about resale values and making your house prettier than it is functional. In 2014, that trend has morphed slightly into one of happy living as opposed to happy selling. What does that mean? Everything is going neutral, comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing. In terms of investment, this is still a major positive. Just because it’s homely, doesn’t mean nobody likes it. After all, a trend is popular and reflects what’s hot on the market.

So, let’s take a look at the top trends of 2014:

Neutral and Clean

Bright colours and emeralds are out, and neutral and clean is in. It’s all about tranquillity this year, and that’s no surprise with the current social and economic climate. Carbon tones feature in all aspects of interior design, and the sturdy outdoor fabrics are making their way indoors. That’s not to say that there isn’t any colour being used in design. Splashes of vibrancy highlight the neutrality of the indoor aesthetic. The ‘hot’ schemes this year include: whites, creams, carbons, beiges, browns, navies and greys.

Open spaces are also the name of the game, and are accented by comfortable chairs and easy living. Comfort has far outweighed the need for visual pleasure, yet has complemented it with ease. Natural elements that connect with the earth are what you should consider when setting up your home.

Green Means Go

Environmental consciousness is the path to take in 2014. Bio-degradable elements and design tools have made their way into the real estate market. There’s a trend towards the ancient building techniques of those who’ve come before us, and the architectural result is astounding and environmentally-friendly (see: seaweed roofs). There’s also a need to avoid waste. Old rooms are being redesigned to fit new uses, which prevents the waste of building an entirely new room. Adaptation is key in 2014.

Reclaiming Wood

While steel and silver are always popular, design trends are leaning towards natural wood in interior settings. Distressing wood furniture to revive the old is on the incline. The refurbishment of wood lends itself perfectly to the passive tones being employed in houses today.

Investment Trends

2013 saw an increase in investments in foreign countries and luxury properties, and this is set to increase into 2014 as well. The real estate investment industry seems to be immune to the current economic crisis because of the value of the industry itself—people are always looking to invest or live in homes. Interestingly, potential investors are more likely to look overseas for real estate property than they are to look within their home country, which indicates that the markets overseas might be better. The trend towards globalization is echoed in the need for foreign property investments.

Overseas Luxury

That overseas luxury is reflected in the lush scenery of countries which provide some of the best architectural designs in the world. Architecture, simplicity and beauty are back, and the modern real estate artists are using natural tools to their benefit. Famous architect Richard Meier has crafted a series of Bodrum Houses in Turkey, which have been a talking and sales point for the investment market. This location—one of many winners in a booming Turkish property market—is the prime example of all design trends for 2014. It’s neutral, it’s clean, it’s in a foreign country, and it represents modern luxury perfectly.

It’s time to catch up with the times and get yourself a luxury property with the design elements which will clear up your living room and your aura. Natural is the new luxury and it’s all around us!


Ashley Williamson

Ashley Williamson is a freelance blogger with an interest in home improvement. When she is not working she likes to travel and read as much as she can. If you have any question feel free to leave a comment.

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