Top Bedroom Design Styles for Your Home

by Greg on August 15, 2018

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Traditional Bedroom Decor Style

The traditional bedroom design style is the conglomeration of symmetry and balance. Traditional bedroom design style provides intricate vintage details, exceptional furnishings, and classical artifacts. This bedroom design idea offers the feeling of warmth and comfort. Also, traditional bedroom design style offers a sense of order and familiarity through colours, furniture designs and the placement of furniture. In the light of comfort, the furniture is arranged at a focal point of the room in a formal manner. In traditional bedroom design style, there is a liberal use of vases, candle stands, bowls, accent pieces, sculptures and mirrors. Also, these accessories will be placed in pairs to provide a balanced look.

traditional bedroom decor style

The traditional bedroom design style uses a good amount of fabrics in the bedroom designing. In addition to upholstered furniture, this bedroom design style also offers curtains and other window treatments as well. This bedroom design style is well known for its usage of dark, finished wood, rich colour palettes, and a variety of textures and curved lines. In general, traditional bedroom designing deals with abundant details and fabrics. Traditional bedroom designs always come with a variety of patterns and textures. Along with these, traditional designs also include depth, layering and dimensions.

Colour and Furniture

The traditional bedroom design offers a neutral colour palette which does not dominate the limelight. The tradition design palette predominantly offers warmth through colours. Colour variants like beige, cream, taupe and tan are good to go with deeper shades of brown, blue, red and green.

Curved furniture with soft edges is the significant feature of traditional bedroom design style. Detailed woodwork, carved moldings and intricate lines are the other features. The traditional bedroom design idea also includes wood with darker and richer tones like maple, mahogany and oak.

Modern Bedroom Decor Style

In modern bedroom design style, the involvement of accessories is minimal and the result would be clutter-free interior design. At the same time, this bedroom design is the contrary response for the traditional interior design. In fact, modern bedroom designs celebrate asymmetrical architecture. Modern bedroom design style offers a home with clean, sharp lines and a simple colour palette. This interior design style employs materials like metal, glass and steel to provide a sleek and simple living space. Modern decor style uses a sense of simplicity in every single colour and furniture.

modern bedroom decor style

The modern bedroom design style emphasizes more on open furniture layout and clutter-free interior design with less use of accessories. To put it differently, the modern interior design is a conglomeration of material, technology and composition through accuracy, clarity and efficiency. To make the bedroom look spacious and larger, modern style takes a different route with more colours and fewer accessories. Not to mention that modern style uses grand gallery walls and artworks to complement the rest of the space.

Colour and Furniture

The modern decor style offers sterile and muted colour variants like beiges, light browns and greys. Also, this bedroom design style uses plenty of bold colours on the walls and on accessories. Above all, the overall balanced and sophisticated look is the key feature of this decor style. The modern bedroom design style offers clean and straight lined furniture. The furniture pieces are so simple and elegant with a sense of optimization.

Indian Bedroom Decor Style

The Indian bedroom design style is known for its wide range of features. This decor style brings everything together including a lot of colours and patterns. The Indian bedroom design is certainly against the subtlety. The most common characteristic of this decor style is the incorporation of statues of deities like Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna. The carpets and curtains with intricate patterns mark the predominant feature of this style.

Indian bedroom decor style

Especially, the decent proportion of colour palette and the incorporation of natural elements like timber wood, bright plastics, and enameled aluminium are the other common characteristics. The colorful carpets and curtains are made from the natural fibers of jute and cotton.

Colour and Furniture

The Indian decor style involves a riot of colours. To put it another way, this bedroom design style uses bold colour palette like red, saffron, and orange. Also, the Indian decor style includes minimalistic furniture pieces like carved chairs and marble sofas. The intricate Jali carvings are the staple feature of Indian furniture style. The Indian decor style incorporates this iconic Jali carving design into typical Indian accessories like sideboards, figurines, jewellery box, and tea light holder.

Contemporary Bedroom Decor Style

The contemporary bedroom design style is the new wave decor style in the bedroom designing. Most often, contemporary design style is confused with the modern design style. The key difference between the two decor styles is innovation. Modern interior design style literally sticks to the designs that started in the 20th century. On the other hand, contemporary interior design style is quite innovative and prone to represent many other styles. For instance, modern style does not include curving lines in the bedroom designing, whereas contemporary style could do.

contemporary bedroom decor style

Contemporary decor style is all about fresh lines, shapes and forms. Open spaces and natural light are key the factors in contemporary style design. Without any extravagant addition, the look of this decor is quite subtle and masculine. The prime importance is given to the materials rather than the colours. Smooth features and crisp lines in the contemporary decor style are capable enough to create a visual treat to the eyes. Our interior designers in Seven Dimensions are here with you to give some modern bedroom design ideas for your home.

Colour and Furniture

Contemporary design style has a very subtle colour palette. It uses different shades of the same colour to show depth and variety. Above all, it does not focus on colour contrasts.
Contemporary decor style furniture has its own trademark of light-coloured woods. This bedroom interior design uses natural fabrics in its furniture variants. The contemporary furniture always comes with crisp lines and sleek details. However, this decor style is entirely different from the minimalistic furniture designs. Furthermore, the colourful accessories are good to go in the neutral space to bring out the pops of colour in the living space.



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