Top 10 Australian Suburbs

by Chris Lang on July 7, 2014

Top 10 Australian Suburbs

Being the most popular real estate website in Australia, has access to the biggest pool of property listings with all the data and statistics associated with it. The information they released today is quite interesting, because it shows which ten Australian suburbs are looked at by most people. And here they are (based on the internal data of from March 2014 – May 2014):


1. Albert Park (VIC)

2. Parkside (SA)

3. Freshwater (NSW)

4. Belair (SA)

5. Blackburn North (VIC)

6. Kirrawee (NSW)

7. Cherrybrook (NSW)

8. Norwood (SA)

9. Balgowlah (NSW)

10. Holland Park (QLD)

Why is Albert Park so popular? According to Greg Hocking from Greg Hocking Real Estate, “Buyers are attracted by its location between parklands and the beach, and being five minutes from the city centre. In my time working in Albert Park I’ve noticed that people move in and they don’t move out – once they’re in the suburb they love it so much that they stay,” he said.

Mr Hocking said that Albert Park’s attraction is not only its location but its reputation for quality restaurants, shops and schools.

“One of the attractions of Albert Park is its village like atmosphere. It has a charm of its own with excellent restaurants and great coffee shops. For families, the primary schools are bursting at the seams because they’re so highly regarded. Albert Park Secondary College is attracting lots of people who are keen to be in the school zone. Parents are deciding to send their kids there rather than sending them to private schools across town,” Mr Hocking said.

The list above is the “Top Sellers’ Markets” list, and if you’re looking for a property in one of those suburbs, then you should expect a lot of competition from other buyers and much higher property prices as a result. To get an idea of what price range to expect you can use the past sold prices in the area, available at

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