Tips for emigrating from the UK to Australia

by Greg on January 26, 2013

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Emigration to another country is always hard. Laws and culture can differ in small and large ways. Something as simple as charging your phone maybe come an ordeal if you are not properly prepared. These tips will help the transition.


Organization will set you free. Make sure that accommodations, replacement or adaptors for electronics, paperwork should all be taken care of and are in order before the move is made. Nothing is worse than trying to find something during a move especially paperwork. Or finding out nothing of yours will work because you don’t have the proper power adaptor in a new country. Accommodations are also important to arrange so that you have a place to stay while waiting for your new home or long term rental but with many great online estate agents it is of course now possible to organize your new home and sell your old home no matter which country you are in.


The world runs on bureaucracy especially when dealing with international issues. Paperwork is dull and boring but important. Finding out what sort of visa, degrees, and licenses you need to emigrate is part of being organized but the specifics need special mention. A visitor visa allows a passport and valid UK driver’s license to be enough to drive down under, but a resident visa only allows for 3 months. It is paperwork like this you need to be aware of so that your transition is easier.


This is something you may not think of but DVD players and DVDs and Blu-ray have regional codes. Due to complicated and illogical international copyright laws a DVD from one region will not play in a player from a different region. So even if you move your collection and player, the purchase of new DVDs will not work. Nor will your old collection work with a new player. There are some players that let you change the setting a limited number of times, but not the DVDs. The easiest, thing to do is with the lowered cost of a player run two, unless you are willing to buy new DVDs or upgrade to Blu-ray in your new region.

Australian Monsters

The size and frequency of things like spiders and other sort of creepy-crawlies in Oz may take many by surprise. Australia’s animal defense of choice seems to be poison. This combination of large bugs and poison would make many nervous and cause fear of all such creepy-crawlies. However most of the poisonous ones are rare in cities and most place people frequent. So when you see an orb spider bigger than your hand don’t freak out. Before moving learn which spiders and insects in the area are poisonous and shock of the large size of the others will fade.


Australia has some of the harshest and most restrictive laws on games and game ratings. Some of your favorites may be restricted sale, late release, or even banned altogether. The Mortal Kombat series is illegal to even own in Oz. Why is this relevant? Like DVD region it’s a small thing that can get over looked and forgotten. So don’t wait until you get there if your waiting for a release since it may have a much later date in Oz due to review process. Also possible though unlikely the transfer of banned or restricted games could delay the shipping of your belongings. Not a big deal but something to be aware of. If you’re a gamer or have a few favorites for entertainment it’s something you will want to look into.


David Fennings

David Fennings is a seasoned world traveler and wild food expert who has returned to the UK after 10 years exploring our planet. David writes on a variety of subjects, always keen to share the knowledge and experiences he has gleaned whilst out on the road.

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