Tips and advice on kitchen remodeling

by Greg on November 9, 2018

Tips on kitchen remodeling

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, both homeowners who plan to move out and sell their homes, as well as those who would further reside in their homes reap the rewards of remodeling their kitchens.

Those who went for a complete kitchen renovation and spent $65,000 recovered 62% of their expenses which amounts to $40,000 while those who spent $35,000 for a kitchen upgrade recovered $20,000 of their expenses upon selling the property.

On the other hand, 91% of homeowners who had a complete kitchen renovation and 81% who upgraded their kitchen want to be home more often. Aside from the increased sense of enjoyment while at home, the surveyed homeowners also responded that they felt accomplished and satisfied upon seeing the outcome of the kitchen remodeling projects.

The reason behind these numbers is that kitchens are one of the most important areas in every home. It’s more than just a cooking and cleaning area; it’s now considered as a social space wherein families bond and guests are entertained.

Whether you’re putting your house on sale, or you just think that it’s time for a change, these key takeaways of the infographic from Mr. Cabinet Care will help you know what to focus on when giving your kitchen a make-over:

1. Focus on your kitchen layout
2. Light up!
3. “Plug and play”
4. Coat it
5. Remodel based on your budget

To learn more about the tips and advises on kitchen remodeling, check out the infographic below.

tips and advice on kitchen remodeling infographic

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