Things To Know About Roller Blinds Before Buying Them

by Greg on February 19, 2019

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There are several types of window blinds available in the market and one of them, rapidly gaining popularity among masses, is roller blinds. Initially, these blinds were plain, simple, with limited choices of colors and fabrics.

However, they have undergone a major, significant revival in terms of designs, styles, manufacturing processes and a range of choices. If you look for roller blinds online, you will get versatility, practicality, and premium choices among all the other blinds. You need to know a few important things before you buy the suitable roller blind for your home.
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What Is A Roller Blind?

Before you buy roller blinds online, you must learn exactly how they work. These are simple, durable, but practically manufactured blinds made of specially produced fabric that can last for long. This fabric does not fade with time, as it is treated chemically and laminated by heat treatment to seal the texture.

Therefore, this fabric does not tatter when it is cut and not required to be stitched to make it look neat. This makes it easy to roll the fabric tightly around the tube without any roughness caused to the edges. The tube which is called a roller is installed horizontally about the width of the window. It can be fitted either inside or outside of the window pane. There is a sidewinder chain available that turns the tube after it is installed. This helps in laminated fabric to roll and unroll from the tube.

How to Buy Roller Blinds Online?

Here are 5 important factors that you should think about while buying roller blinds online. You cannot skip any of these factors including position, size, color, function, and price. Look at these factors with respect to roller blinds.
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1. Position
Before you search for the roller blinds online, you must decide where you are going to position them; inside or outside of the window recess. Only then should you take the measurements and start considering other relevant things in this regard.

2. Size
When you decide about the position where you’d like to install the blind, it makes it easier to take measurements and trust the accuracy of those measurements. If you want to fit the blind inside the window, you have to take measurements of the recess. Besides, you can get an expert to help you with measurements to get them accurate.

3. Color
This totally depends upon your choice. There is a wide range of fabric hues of roller blinds. You can decide on a color you like or go for a plain, pattern or various design options. You can even opt for a combination.

4. Function
Once you have shortlisted a few types of fabric, it is important to check their uses and additional features such as moisture resistance, blackout coating, and several others. You can gather this information easily, if you search for roller blinds online. Some of the online stores provide free sample fabric before the customer places the final order. This will give you an idea about the quality of the fabric before you buy it.

5. Price
The price is one of the most important considerations when buying anything. The price of the roller blinds depends upon the size as well as the color, design, and quality of the fabric. You can quickly get an idea of the estimated price by doing an online search.

Now that you have plenty of information, it will become easier for you to buy roller blinds online.

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