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Things To Consider While Choosing Timber Floor Polishing

by Greg on August 2, 2018

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In the modern era of technology and quality, we use different types of flooring in our houses, apartments and offices. Wooden flooring is the symbol of royalness and healthiness too. The best, most substantial flooring is timber flooring. As the name suggests, timber flooring is wood flooring that is commonly used worldwide due to its variety in the texture, color etc. And, of course, because of its durability and restorability.

polished timber floor

The main reasons to use timber flooring are that it is long lasting, easy to clean, easy to resurface, gives better looks as compared to other flooring materials and is low in maintenance.

It has been widely used from the 16th century and until now. Earlier, thick plank was cut from the forests and used as a flooring in houses whereas in the new trend, wood is used widely because of its types, shapes, and techniques.

The polishing used for timber floors in the new generation technique makes the floor even more stylish and attractive. The different types of polishing available are laminated, bamboo, engineering floating, vinyl planks, and more. All these floor polishing types are used to make the interior look even more impressive and attractive.

timber floor polishing

  • Initially, covering of floor is removed to give a smooth surface for the adjustment of timber floor polishing.
  • Then, floor is well maintained and polished to avoid cracks and any distortion for the smooth and fine look.
  • Sanding reduces noise and gives sustainable life to the floor. So, before installation, timber flooring will be finished with sanding which will give proper shapes to edges and corners.
  • After that, a layer of timber flooring will be pasted, and finishing will be done with the required chemicals and tools.

The Price Factors

The price for flooring and sanding is not that high (roughly 30$ per square meter). It is inexpensive as compared to the other flooring types. You can hire professionals to clean the floor and then polish it. The wood will stay intact for longer period and after polishing there is no risk of damage to the floor because of insects or moisture.

The Material Used

The different types of polishing done on floors contain a solvent, oil, or water-based coating. The products that are widely used for polishing are a poly cure for interior flooring and Sikkens for outdoors. Mostly, after the polishing is done, it takes at least 8-10 hours to dry. Cleaning of timber floors is easy, as you can use an electrostatic dust mop or damp mop to clean the surface.

polished timber floor

Good Quality and Resistance Power

There is a wide range of timber floor polishing products and they are easy to use and apply. Quality is reliable, as these have good resistance to water, heat, as well wear and tear. Wood is soft and smooth so with the help of chemicals coating floors are made to be non-slippery and shiny. While choosing timber-flooring coating, the first thing to consider is that coating isn’t harmful to anyone’s health. Eco-friendly timber paints are available that are used in timber floor polishing.

Oiling and Polishing Factor

Oil and polishing are widely used, as it penetrates through the wood and gives a soft and natural feel. The timber floor polishing is used in homes without children, because scratches are often easily visible on timber floor polishing type. This is why for the family home, the most common flooring done is polyurethane, as it is rougher and tougher as compared to oil polishing. The maintenance for both flooring types is different, as in oil polishing you have to do the polishing quickly compared to polyurethane, but in polyurethane, you have to polish a lot more surface than the oil polishing.

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