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The ultimate guide to accessible bathroom

by Greg on January 25, 2018

accessible bathroom

Your home is a place where you can be comfortable and relaxed, and by renovating your house and creating an accessible bathroom will make a comfortable environment for your family and friends. Having a comfortable bathroom that you can walk into can further extend your personal touches on your home and make your guests feel more welcomed. An accessible bathroom does not only mean a clean and organized environment, but it also affects some criteria when it comes to the equipment and aesthetic of the bathroom.

Planning with the aid of a professional contractor as your guideline in creating the perfect accessible bathroom for your house requires two major steps; creating the right geometry and choosing specialized bathroom fixtures. Enlisting an experienced consultant when renovating your bathroom requires not only their expertise but also your personal touch through the process. Applying the right geometry for your bathroom is thinking also about the critical measurements and choosing specialized bathroom fixtures that would elevate and make your bathroom furniture and embellishments more accessible. To learn more about the different guidelines in creating an accessible bathroom for your home, please check the infographic created by AccessAble.

ultimate guide to accessible bathroom - infographic

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