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by Chris Lang on April 20, 2010 I’ve always found house-hunting to be stressful, but never imagined other people would feel the same way – I thought it was just me and my partner who would get nervous, frustrated and fight about which property we should or shouldn’t buy.

Well, guess what… I was dead wrong.

And here is the undeniable proof: 74% of Australians find inspecting properties stressful! This is according to a survey conducted by Lonergan Research exclusively for in March 2010.

Wait, this gets even better – thought the result of this survey was important enough to go and rearrange their whole website, to make it easier to navigate, more intuitive, requiring less thinking and consuming less time, all of that to make the stressed home-buyers happier.

And to tell you the truth, I quite like the outcome. The change wasn’t just made overnight, apparently the whole website was available in BETA since March 2010 and thanks to the beta-testers (real estate agents and consumers) a lot of bugs were fixed and new features were added.

Honestly, the decision to spend just one month in BETA seems kind of brave to me, because every little change takes time to implement and test – but it looks like they made it happen. Inevitably, you will find more stuff that needs fixing, but since we’ve established that do care about user experience (well, why else would they change the whole website around?), sending your feedback is a worthwhile thing to do.

Let’s make one thing clear – there was no complete makeover, and you will still be able to recognize the website when you log on (so don’t panic!). The website now has a more modern look and feel, search has been given a central position and the ads are less intrusive. In your property search results, apart from the upper banner ad, you won’t meet any more distractions, as the majority of ads sit much lower, closer the bottom of the page. You now have the ability not only to view, but also to compare the properties you’ve selected.

I won’t go into a detailed review of the website now, as I have this planned for later. Let me just say that you have a nice surprise coming, so stay tuned – I am working on it, and your patience will be rewarded soon.

And now, if you have 4 more minutes, have a look at the Breaking News Video, presenting the latest and greatest and watch a couple of stories of real homebuyers, who used it to their advantage.

Click below to play the video (or go here to watch it on YouTube).

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