The Block Sky High: a doorless ensuite, are you serious?

by Chris Lang on May 22, 2013

Ensuite bathroom

I’ve been watching The Block Sky High, week one, where 5 couples had to renovate a bedroom with ensuite and whoever does the best job wins money to use towards the next room they will be renovating. All the couples did a good job, some went to the extremes of design extravaganza, others kept it nice, clean and tasteful. Without going into much detail (you can form your own opinion after watching the Channel 9 videos here) I just wanted to draw your attention to one particular thing, and get your thoughts on this – mine are below.

Ever since buying my first property (which by the way was an apartment) I really began to dislike ensuite bathrooms. They are only half as bad if they are hiding behind a door. But when there’s NO door… then to me such ensuite is as good as no ensuite at all. Correction – it’s actually worse than no ensuite at all.

Reasons? Even if there’s a door the soundproofing of modern homes is often not good enough, so the noise of running water when one person is showering disturbs the other who’s trying to get some sleep. And that’s the least annoying and embarrassing of the sounds coming from the ensuite. Call me old-fashioned but I find it a real romance killer.

A non-existing door to an ensuite seems to be a trend that I see more and more of. In many cases houses are being designed to not even allow room for a door to ensuite (which makes it impossible to add a door later if you decide!). If, God forbid, this becomes a building standard… that’s a possibility I’m afraid to even think about. In Week One episode of The Block Sky High, luckily, just one couple designed an ensuite without a door – and the judges were clearly not impressed. Darren Palmer, a designer, even said, “When I design an ensuite, I like to make sure there is a barrier – a visual and a physical one” – and I thought “Oh, thank you, thank you! Finally a judge that doesn’t let the design prevail over common sense!” No one needs the loo to be right in front of their eyes when they’re lying in bed, trying to relax. As for all the noises…

Married couples amongst us, or any couples living together for that matter, will probably agree that the longer your relationship is, the harder it is to keep the romance alive. Everyday life just tends to overpower. I, personally, think of an ensuite without a door as the final nail in the coffin of romance in a relationship. Some things must be kept private!

And now it’s your turn: are you for or against ensuites, with or without doors? Why?

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Anne May 23, 2013 at 1:35 pm

I would never buy a house with no door to ensuite. Who does that anyway?


Brian May 24, 2013 at 8:44 pm

I agree with you Chris, but doing research for my website I visit quite a few display homes.

I am regularly surprised to see how many display homes don’t have a door to the en-suite, and also the Walk in Robes.


Chris May 25, 2013 at 1:00 pm

Brian, this is really sad, so it IS becoming a building standard. Are those the cheaper display homes or the more expensive ones? I’m just trying to understand are they doing it to save money or as a real trend, everywhere?


Brian May 25, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Pretty much through the range.

With our last house which was a 240 square m house we had to pay almost $400 extra to get doors on the en-suite and WIR.

In a similar vein the standard glass for en-suite and bathroom, in a single storey house, was clear glass. It cost $200 extra for frosted glass in the windows.

Its things like this that caused me to write a ‘Guide to Selection/Pre-Start’, available at


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