The 4 Basics to Selling Property Online

by Greg on June 12, 2019

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Over the past decade, the world of real estate has dramatically changed. Investors now have the ability to purchase property entirely online via smartphones and property selling platforms on the internet. These platforms allow buyers to gather insights and utilize big data to tell when a market is about to grow and when to sell or buy.

As expected, more than 90 percent of all investors and first home buyers conduct several checks online before moving on with a purchase or attending an open house, which is fantastic news as far as smart investment decisions go.

Access to a wealth of growth data, city-specific demographics and other important metrics is now standard, allowing buyers to easily invest in high-growth areas and improve returns on their investment properties.

If you’re new to the world of selling property online or looking for some information on how the process works, then we have some essential key points for you below.

1. Prepare the Property Specifically for an Online Sale

Before we get into selling a property online, we urge you to check whether your local property market is experiencing favorable seller conditions. You also have to be sure you’re ready to sell and have taken the time to think over whether moving on is the best choice.

If you’ve concluded that the market is at a high and you’re going to make a profit, then it’s time to prepare the home.

When selling online, one of the most significant steps is making sure that there’s enough information, imagery and an agent to help assure buyers that they’re purchasing a real home — as opposed to a scam property.

Platforms like Roofstock, allow sellers to easily sell property in just a few steps. All you need to do is submit your listing, and the platform will vet the home as well as gather all relevant information such as inspection reports. These reports and other pieces of documentation help potential property investors understand that the property they’re interested in is, in fact, legitimate — helping to reduce purchase anxiety.

2. Stage and Advertise the Home Correctly

In an online-only setting, property buyers need to easily visualize themselves, or their potential tenants, in the properties that they’re seeing.

With buyer’s dependent on visuals, you need to go the extra mile in having your home thoroughly cleaned, staged and photographed. This may seem excessive in some cases, though it may actually be the one step that genuinely pushes a property investor over the line to make a purchase.

Think of it this way, an investor needs to be visually ‘transported’ into your home within the first 20 seconds of seeing your property listing. If the home is untidy, not staged or simply bare, there’s reduced chance of a sale, regardless of how attractive the price may be.

3. Have the Property Valued Online

For sellers, the valuation of your home is conducted based on a few key metrics when you sell online.

As most of the investors on the platform won’t have personally visited the areas they’re looking to invest in, it’s up to your agent or the online selling platform to outline neighborhood ratings, home value averages, as well as the overall market to best value your home.

When selling online, it’s important to showcase a number of key metrics about the house and local market to justify the price. These metrics include neighborhood star ratings, proximity to schools and other facilities, crime rates and more. All of these metrics help to entice buyers and improve sale prices.

4. Leave the Payment Process to the Sale Platform

If there is just one key area that makes most people apprehensive about selling online, it’s the final sale process. However, there is some good news. As the internet has matured and become a little more trustworthy, so to have property purchasing processes.

For anyone selling their property online, you’ll be able to receive bids, receive a down payment and access a whole range of other funds from prospective buyers, all without having to deal with anyone in person. That said, there’s little to worry about with regards to financial hiccups as seller platforms take care of all sales processes.

A Few Benefits of Selling Property Online

Aside from the ease of the process, there’s also the chance to cut back on agents fees, marketing costs and much more when your sell property online. A few key benefits include:

– a faster service
– reduced agent fees
– no property inspection costs
– no intrusive open houses

Selling property online can save sellers thousands in fee’s and staging costs. In addition to this, sellers commonly experience a faster, more seamless service. In just about every way, selling property online offers everyone the most effortless and more affordable experience.

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