How to repair double pane windows

by Greg on March 14, 2019
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Double pane windows that are insulated are energy efficient but over some time the seal that is separating the two panes can break and this allows the outside air to get into the home. The moisture accumulated can fog up the glass which will make your windows appear cloudy. There are many ways of repairing […]

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The Lowdown on Your Windows and Energy Efficiency

by Greg on December 1, 2017
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When it comes to selecting new windows for the home, many homeowners only think about the aesthetic changes these replacement units offer. Few of them realize that window insulation plays a key role in improving their home’s comfort and energy efficiency, and could also be costing them hundreds of dollars every year. With the increasing […]

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Reinventing Your Home through Window and Door Replacement

by Greg on September 14, 2017
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Want to enhance your home’s good looks? You actually don’t need a luxurious upgrade for that. Most of the time, all you need to do is update your property’s most visible design elements, especially when they’re already old and worn. These include your windows and doors, essential components that contribute greatly to the look and […]

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Simple Tips For Giving Glass Windows A Streak-Free Shine

by Greg on January 4, 2016
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Dirty glass is rarely a sign of poor effort. More often than not, people are simply using the wrong cleaning tools and techniques. Diligently washing your windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces will not produce superior results if you’re using substandard cleaning materials. Following are several, simple tips for giving glass an appealing and streak-free […]

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Window Decisions

by Chris Lang on December 26, 2014
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Normally most of us don’t give windows much thought (unless it’s spring-cleaning time!), but people who intend to build their own house or do an extensive reno project are in for a big surprise. Apparently there are many types of windows to choose from, and each type comes with its own intended use, pros and […]

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Building a New House: Right-Sizing Your Windows

by Greg on June 28, 2013
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A lot of new house buyers agree to have a new house built based on visiting a Builder’s Display Home, and never think about changing the window sizes. In the display house there are usually lots of floor to ceiling windows that are equivalent to 40 – 50% of the floor area. That’s a lot […]

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Improve Your Home With Double Glazed Bifold Windows

by Greg on May 15, 2013
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If you have been looking for ways to improve your home, whether in appeal or even in value, you might like to consider investing in some double glazed bifold windows. Double glazing is a technique that is used to help reduce heat loss from inside the home and to help reduce the impact of noise […]

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Australia is resisting progress – any idea why?

by Chris Lang on July 3, 2009
Australia is resisting progress - any idea why?

Washer womanDon’t get me wrong – I love this country. But there are things about it that are just beyond me. Which is why I thought maybe some of you can help me make sense of it all.

Enigma # 1 – double glazed windows.

I don’t get why they didn’t become a standard thing any house can’t be imagined without. Initially I thought that only the old houses still have the regular windows because people won’t be bothered replacing them, but I’ve checked and the majority of new projects don’t have double-glazed windows included, it’s an expensive extra – when it should be the standard.

Australian climate has such extreme temperatures and the houses have such big windows that it’s doesn’t make any sense to use regular windows as all the heat escapes through them quickly in winter and in the summer it’s the opposite, they don’t protect the house from sun.

Dare I say that a good way to start would be for our government to introduce rebates, same as they did for the solar systems and insulation. If we’re talking about conservation of energy – it would save tons because we’d use less gas and electricity to heat and cool our houses.

Enigma # 2 – automated window furnishings.

I didn’t come up with this one myself, a letter I received from a reader gave me a push, but nonetheless – why aren’t motorized shutters and blinds popular? Rum Charles, the principal consultant from Indigo Training says that according to his research only 0.5% (not even one percent!) of all the shutters in Australia are motorized.

Thinking about this, it would make so much sense, especially for the external shutters – why do we need to go outside, when it’s blazing hot, and use some kind of hook to pull the thing down, why not just press a button?

Is it about the money? Rum doesn’t think so and I agree – all the other things in the house evolved and the hi-tech version costs more. Still, we now have microwaves in addition to ovens, we have dishwashers in addition to sinks, we have air conditioning in addition to fans, and the list goes on.

I understand that it might not occur to people that motorized shutters can me so much more convenient and safe – but why doesn’t it occur to the professionals, the designers, the building companies, people who make living designing and building our houses?

And now I would love to hear what you think. If you have any insight, or simply want to speak up and be heard – leave a comment on this post or email me to [email protected] You opinion matters.

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