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Time to sell Melbourne housing?

by Chris Lang on April 18, 2011
Time to sell Melbourne housing?

The following article first appeared on the MacroBusiness website. Republished with permission. Melbourne has long been considered one of Australia’s best property bets – it lured my wife and I, among many other buyers – but the city’s increasingly costly housing market is now showing signs of weakness that are hard to ignore. In mid-2006, […]

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Median prices explain what’s going on in the property market

by Chris Lang on March 5, 2009
Median prices explain what's going on in the property market

EIV has released the median prices for December 2008 and they don’t look bad considering the current economic conditions. Contrary to the expectations of a serious drop in the median prices, they only fell by 0.9% in the December quarter of 2008. This came as a surprise to people who don’t follow the property market closely and I felt a little bit of explanation is in order.

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What is the right price for a house?

by Chris Lang on September 12, 2008
What is the right price for a house?

What’s the right price for this house? If you’re looking to buy a house, you are going to ask yourself this question – a lot. This is your task number one in this whole process and here is why. Let’s say you’ve assessed the value of the house, made a mistake and paid more for it – then you have killed any possibility of capital growth on the spot

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Median house price – what is it?

by Chris Lang on July 14, 2007
Median house price – what is it?

All they talk about on the news is how housing becomes less and less affordable. The median price is climbing up like crazy everywhere. But what is a median price, why look at it and how it’s different from average price? Well, that’s really easy – here’s an example

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