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The HIA Melbourne Home Show

by Chris Lang on April 4, 2012
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Dear renovators, builders and home owners – mark these dates in your calendar, because you don’t want to miss the HIA Melbourne Home Show. From Thursday 26 April till Sunday 29 April you will have a rare chance to see all the latest trends in building, renovating, home improvements and more, under one roof, in […]

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What any homeowner or tenant needs to know about trees and powerlines

by Chris Lang on January 11, 2012
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The wild weather lately serves as a good reminder about the precautions we need to take to make our homes and yards safe. With winds as high as 100 km/h, trees that are close to powerlines become a real issue. When trees or branches are touching a live powerline they create a threat to people […]

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Homeiown.com has a new look!

by Chris Lang on December 1, 2011
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To everyone who’s been wondering what on Earth has happened to Home I Own – it’s gone through a complete makeover. We reckoned it was about time this popular, unique, independent real estate blog became faster, easier to navigate, more intuitive – and much nicer to look at. A lot of work has been put […]

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A Man’s Home Is His Castle

by Chris Lang on March 12, 2009
A Man's Home Is His Castle

The saying “A man’s home is his castle” came from England and is a very precise description of the way people subconsciously feel about their homes. Everyone wants to see their house as a comfortable and safe shelter, where they can hide from wild forces of nature.

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Another interest rate cut – what’s in it for us?

by Chris Lang on December 3, 2008
Another interest rate cut - what's in it for us?

Even though I don’t do news in Homeiown, yesterday’s announcement just couldn’t be ignored. RBA slashed interest rates – another percent, reaching 4.25%. For those of you who are thinking “So what?” I’ll explain – this is a big deal, normally the interest rate is moving up and down by 0.25 percent and not as frequently as RBA has been doing since September, cutting the total of 3 percent. It took them 6 years to drive the interest rates up to the point where it was in September and only 3 months to drop it to the lowest point it has been in 18 years.

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