Tackling the decade-overdue makeover of the holiday house

by Greg on August 20, 2015

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The holiday house is a place in the world that is as comforting and warm as an old jumper. As soon as you get to your holiday house, you know that you can just relax and let your mind drift. Yes, once you step through your front door, you can almost feel your worries and cares simply drifting away as your shoulders get lighter. It’s a pretty magical feeling – and something that is pretty unique to the holiday home itself, but there’s something else that comes along with this ‘hakuna matata’ style of living in the holiday home.

You see, because you really don’t feel like doing much at all, (and good on you for relaxing so hard!) your holiday home can sometimes be a little, well, neglected. You know that peeling paint in the bathroom that you’ve been vowing to touch up next time you come (that you’ve been promising to do for two years)? Or the ratty old couch (with almost no cushioning left in the cushions) that you have been meaning to upgrade for that gorgeous sleek daybed you saw in the Scandinavian furniture store?

Yes, the perils of going and spending time in your holiday house is that while you’re switching off, you may be ignoring a couple of really simple but hugely effective design modifications which could make a huge difference to the liveability of your home. If your home is a bit (or long) overdue for a makeover then read on, because we’ve wrangled some easy-as tips together which can make a huge difference (with minimal effort).

Once you’re done, you’ll wonder why it took you so long in the first place.

Step One

Get a friend in to help you with this one, as it may be a bit tough to see your home with the fresh eyes that this step needs. What you have to do is take a look at all of your furniture and if you can see that it’s probably better off in the local charity store, then let it go. Be ruthless here as it’ll make a huge difference when it comes to paring back. Besides, if you’re anything like the rest of us, your holiday home is probably full of old stuff that you’ve been collecting over the years and that has seen better days!

Step Two

Put up a coat of fresh paint. This is not for the faint hearted as it’s a few weekends in the making, but the impact of a fresh coat of paint is huge when it comes to overhauling your home. If you can rope in a few friends and entice them to help you with the promise of a home cooked meal (or three) and a slab of beer or a bottle of wine, then all the better. Many hands make light work is an adage that you’d be well-served to remember in this particular instance.

Step Three

When you’re throwing all of your old furniture out to the charity shop, step inside and take a look around at some of the old stuff that other people have donated. You might find that you pick up a bargain where you least expected it. Another spot to look when you’re looking to revamp your home is in the local trading post or on a site like Gumtree, as these sites can often have some great deals from people who are just looking to clear out their stuff – just like you! You can set up alerts and monitor these forums and sites without having to be online all the time and can get updates emailed to you, so be sure to do that for any pieces you’re really after.

Step Four

Look online for design. You’re obviously already online now looking at some design tips – so keep at it. Draw inspiration from places like Pinterest, Instagram and from other blogs where you’ll find what other people are doing.

If you can think of any other kind of tips that can be helpful when overhauling a home, let us know! We hope you enjoyed reading this short piece on tips to remember when overhauling the holiday homes – and remember, get your friends involved, be ruthless and use your ingenuity when it comes to sourcing new furniture.

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