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Should you replace, reface or paint your kitchen cabinets?

by Greg on July 6, 2018

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Decades ago, homeowners avoided showing their kitchens to their guests due to its relative state of disarray and decay, but those days have long been gone. Nowadays, it’s common to see house parties being hosted in the kitchen and dining room, with guests flocking to these rooms more to stay and have lengthy chats with fellow guests and the hosts. As such, it’s become crucial to keep one’s kitchen tidy and presentable despite the action it has seen before the event started.

One of the primary ways of maintaining a kitchen that will leave a positive lasting impression on your visitors is by making sure that all areas of focal attention are managed properly. These areas include your kitchen cabinets, as there’s no doubt that you’d have them occupy a significant potion of your kitchen for both practical and aesthetic reasons. But because they are likely frequently used, they can get damaged over time, or they may simply fall out of style. Or maybe they’ve lost their personal appeal to you as the homeowner and you want a new look that ultimately expresses your sense of aesthetics in your kitchen.

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen cabinet for whatever purpose you may have, there are three methods that you can use: refacing, repainting, or going on ahead and fully replacing your existing kitchen cabinets. But before you jump on the wagon of any of these three, you must first be able to determine which method best suits your preference, budget requirements, and other important factors to highly consider.

Check out this infographic by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to help you figure out if you should reface, replace, or paint your kitchen cabinets today.

should you replace reface or paint your kitchen cabinets infographic

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