Seven all time best movie kitchens

by Greg on March 28, 2019

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The big screen truly does home decor best.

Although we don’t all have million dollar budgets, or a Hollywood set director to guide us, there’s plenty of kitchen design inspo to be gained from our favorite films.

From Charlotte’s sublimely spotless kitchen in Sex and the City 2 to Luke Skywalker’s space-age family kitchen in Star Wars – A New Hope, creative people from HomeAdvisor rendered 7 detailed floor plans of stunning on-screen kitchens.

Amélie Poulain’s kitchen (Amélie)
Amelie kitchen

Holly Golightly’s kitchen (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
Breakfast at Tiffany kitchen

Charlotte York’s kitchen (Sex and the City 2)
Sex and the City kitchen

The Dunnes’ kitchen (Gone Girl)
Gone Girl Kitchen

The Owens’ family kitchen (Practical Magic)
Practical Magic

Erica Barry’s kitchen (Something’s Gotta Give)
Something's Gotta Give kitchen

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s kitchen (Star Wars – A New Hope)
Star Wars Kitchen

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