Setting Up Your Home Office for Working Remotely

by Greg on November 8, 2019

home office setup

There are many benefits of working from home, such as a flexible schedule, not having to commute, and saving money on gas. More and more people are taking their jobs home—literally, and enjoying these advantages. If you are one of them, creating a home office that promotes productivity is vital for making a successful transition. Office furniture, such as a flat file cabinet or comfortable chair, can make a difference in designing an efficient workspace. Here are some tips for setting up your home office.


Carve Out Your Niche

Whether you have an entire room or just a corner on the second floor, you must carve out an area for work. Having dedicated office space is key to being productive and can help you avoid distractions. Your space should also have some privacy, especially if you have a family. A guest room is ideal for giving you a physical barrier while also blocking noise, essential if you are on the phone for conference calls and client meetings.

Keeping Things Separate

Keeping your business and personal lives separate is essential. It not only gives you the proper mindset for getting work done but sets a professional tone for colleagues and clients. Consider making these adjustments:

  • Set up a separate business phone
  • Open a banking account for business only
  • Keep business accounting records and procedures
  • Set standard office hours and stick to them
  • Don’t take personal calls or visits while working

To ensure you keep to a business schedule, install a wall or desk clock in your office. This simple step will tell you when the work day is over and ensure you have time for your personal life.

Store Large Projects in Flat File Cabinet

Unless you plan on having clients in your home office, you don’t need to worry about matching furniture but you do need the right furniture. Along with a desk and comfortable chair, your storage needs should be at the top of the list. Bookshelves are great for books, but what if you’re an artist or architect? Consider what type of storage you need for these types of materials and more. A flat file cabinet provides an excellent place to stash large projects out of the way. If your space is cramped, consider doubling up on furniture items by placing a flat countertop over file cabinets to give yourself a desk or workspace.

Invest in Office Equipment

Of course, you want to make your workplace appealing but resist the urge to buy high-priced décor and invest in equipment instead. Along with your furniture, computer and printer, consider what types of tools, including software programs, that you need to do your job. Bear in mind that you likely need to budget for upgrades of office equipment on an ongoing basis.

Don’t Blur the Lines

It’s tempting to clean, do the laundry or make dinner when you have a home office. However, it’s essential not to blur the lines between working at home and working around the house. Just as important as keeping your mind on business is keeping your mind on life when you’ve finished. Store your work out of sight in a flat file cabinet, where it won’t remind you of work still to do.

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