Roofing Trends for 2020

by Greg on January 18, 2020

roofing trends infographic

Being a responsible homeowner prompts you to be up to date with the latest style in both interior and exterior designs. Of course, who wouldn’t want their house to be one of the most streamlined models in town?

However, the home we’re living in is far more than a modernized kitchen and refashioned living room. It is beyond internal models. You may consider the roof as well, which is the upper covering of the house. It serves as the shield that withholds us from experiencing the hottest days in summer and the coldest nights in winter.

Suburban roofs continue to develop throughout the years. The evolution of roofing houses has begun way back in 3000 BC, where Chinese netizens use clay roof tiles. Nevertheless, Roman and Greek followed, developing roofs with slate and tile in the 1st century. In the 8th century, thatched roofs became a common form of roofing in Western Europe while wooden shingles in the 11th century.

The advancement in terms of roofing carries on up until today’s end. The evolution in roofing and architecture has improved big time since science and technology are persisted to contribute in our time.

Roofing Trends is also not stopping on enhancing their materials. This upcoming 2020, there will be a variety of newest roofs that will make you consider changing your roof that has a stronger foundation and will make you be on track with the latest trends on Roofing Trends.

If you want to learn more, let us check out at the Infographic below brought to you by Universal Contracting FL:

roofing trends 2020 infographic

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