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Roller Garage Door – Add Comfort and Convenience to Your Home

by Greg on July 4, 2017

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Keeping your garage secure is essential to keeping your home safe from the elements, as well as from burglars. As such, you need a door that is sturdy and reliable. Issues on space can limit your choices considerably, but this does not mean you cannot have a solution that meets your unique requirements. A roller garage door is one such solution.

What is a roller garage door?

As its name suggests, a roller garage door is made of metal sheets connected by hinges, giving a ribbed appearance and the ability to be rolled up and down as needed. It rolls up into a space above the door opening if you want your garage opened and rolls down when you want your garage closed. Its structure and mechanisms give it several key advantages of other types of doors.

What are the advantages of roller garage doors?

It saves space. As mentioned, this type of door rolls up when unused and rolls down when used. The storage space can vary depending on the size of the door, but it’s usually compact and requires less room compared to other types of a garage door. This feature also makes the roller garage door perfect when you have a tall vehicle.

It doesn’t require large driveways. Conventional doors that swivel out when used and in when unused requires adequate driveway space to function. Because roller garage doors open and close vertically, they do not have this issue. If you have a small house or a limited driveway, or if your garage’s opening is too close to the street, then this type of door is better suited to your needs.

It protects from burglars. Despite the way they bend and roll, roller garage doors are surprisingly sturdy. They are made from corrugated metal sheets. The way the metal sheets are folded and connected to each other gives the door enhanced rigidity and the capacity to deter most burglars. Besides, these doors are tested to meet exacting Australian standards, so you can be sure of the level of protection they offer.

It protects from the elements. Roller garage doors in the market today are made from very high-quality materials, allowing them to withstand even harsh environmental conditions. If you live in an area with frequent rains, you’ll be pleased to know that roller garage doors usually come with rubber seals at the bottom that keep them tightly closed and protects from water ingress. If you live in an area where outside temperatures change almost erratically, you may opt for a double-skinned roller garage door. This type of door effectively insulates your garage and protects your car from the effects of outside temperature fluctuations.

It helps avoid injuries. Have you ever tried opening swivel garage doors only for you to hit your shin? It’s not a pleasant experience at all. Roller garage doors do not have this issue as the door operates vertically. In this manner, it helps you avoid injuries and other mishaps that commonly occur with conventional garage doors.

It is easy to operate. It doesn’t take a genius to operate roller garage doors. They are fitted with a mechanism that allows the door to easily and smoothly roll in or out. You may even equip a spring mechanism to aid in opening or closing your door, allowing you to expend less energy just to keep your garage secure.

It is compatible with automation. Many homeowners are opting for automatic gates for the extra convenience they offer. Indeed, automation means not having to get in out of your car to open or close your garage. Roller garage doors are compatible with automated garage door openers, turning them into a space-saving automatic gate. Because they operate smoothly, you don’t need to get yourself heavy-duty openers, too, allowing you to save on money and utility expenses.

It comes in many colours. One of the most pressing questions when it comes to adding anything new to your home is whether it suits your house’s existing aesthetic. Thankfully, roller garage doors come in many colours, which means you can effortlessly pick one that actually fits into your home’s motif. You may also select from a variety of existing finishes—popular choices include wood grain finishes that offer a more au naturel look. If you do not like the idea of metal, you can choose transparent garage doors made from corrugated fiberglass sheets. This means that you have the freedom to be more creative and even use your garage door to enhance your home’s present look.

Roller garage doors make for a handy solution for homeowners who want to keep their home safe but are limited by issues of space. Although excellent by themselves, roller garage doors can be turned into something better—more convenient and secure—with the right enhancements, so what’s not to like?


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