Rental Outdoor Space Makeover: A Landlord’s Guide

by Greg on November 22, 2019

rental outdoor space makeover

Renting an extra property that you own is a great way of generating passive income, with many people financing their cars, boats, kids’ schools, and vacations through renting a home they’ve inherited. However, the competition is tough, and if you want to rent your place for more money, or simply stay ahead of the game, you need to make your rental more attractive to potential tenants both inside and outside. The outside of the home, and especially the curb appeal is what makes your prospective tenant stop their car in front of the house or keep driving. Here are the most effective outdoor makeover tips to raise its value.

Redo the façade

house facade

If people could tell the age of your home by just looking at the façade, something needs to be done as soon as possible. Painting it anew can bring your rental a whole new look and make it more attractive. You don’t have to stick with the original colour, especially if you weren’t the one who chose it in the first place but make sure it fits with the rest of the home. Neutral colours are always the safe card, however, if you want to experiment, add some brighter colours to make it stand out.

Update the front door

house front door

As the ultimate focal point, the front door can make or break a lot of impressions. If it isn’t well-kept, people might think that the rest of the home isn’t in a better state either. When repairing or replacing your door, apart from the aesthetic aspect, you need to think about security as well, so your tenants can feel safe while living at your place. As a safe bet, choose the door that is heavy, but easy to open and close. If you’re repainting the old one, choose the colour carefully, minding the wooden structural elements of your home and prep the surface beforehand.

Add unique detail

house marble pavers

Leave your competition shorthanded by highlighting the one fabulous feature on your property that sets it apart from others. While people are going to notice the nice façade, neatly trimmed lawn, and a functional driveway, they will rave about features that can’t be found in every backyard in the neighbourhood. Make your property stand out with luxurious looking marble pavers, that will undoubtedly create a lasting impression and add some elegance to outdoor entertainment area, patio or walkways through the garden. Make a charming outdoor seating area with wicker chairs, brightly coloured pillows, and a functional stone fire pit. Invest in colourful plants or outdoor artwork, or install ambient solar lights along the walkways in case the potential tenants visit the home in the evening.

Plant trees

trees in front of house

While regular landscaping and gardening are a must, nothing can add value to your rental property like trees. Once you plant the trees you’ve chosen, you’ll have to water and prune them consistently, but as they grow, they won’t need much of a maintenance. Make sure to leave enough room around for the mulch area, which can also increase the visual impact of your landscape. You want to avoid exotic varieties and choose the best trees for your specific environment to keep it resistant to pests and disease. Also, keep in mind to plant your trees a safe distance from your home, underground utility lines and driveways to prevent any root damage.

Upgrade the driveway

Even if your rental home doesn’t include a garage, a nice and functional driveway can become your selling point. There are many materials suitable for driveways, from asphalt to pavers, and repurposed bricks, but most would agree that nothing can compete with the timeless charm of cobblestones. Not only are they perfect for driveways and garden paths, but also make a fantastic landscaping feature. You can choose from a range of natural stone varieties, such as quartz, limestone, granite, and basalt, and rest assured that they’re durable enough to support your tenant’s vehicles.

Emphasise the positives

house backyard deck dining area

Focusing on the positives is an easy way to decide which feature to improve. Check out local newspapers, real estate offices, and online classifieds to find properties that are similar in location, price, and specifications to yours. If a competing property is boasting their fully renovated kitchen, don’t try to beat them up in that area, especially if yours is 10 years old. Instead, spruce up the balcony, or transform a backyard patio into an outdoor dining room. Every feature that adds value to the property itself can weigh in determining the rent. If the rival homes in your area don’t have an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area with a grill or pizza oven, you can justly raise the price, provided that outdoor eating is popular in your region.

Every property has something special to offer, and with a global trend of living outdoors, tenants are more interested in the rental’s outside features than ever. Apart from functional aspects and details that witness the overall state of the property, there are lifestyle features that you can use to make potential renters fall in love with your property at first sight.

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