Renovating During COVID-19? 6 Things to Consider for Your Safety

by Greg on August 5, 2020

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Well, by this time, you must have realized the need for home renovation as you were at your home all day long. The good news is this is an epic time to take on this project. You must be wondering how is it possible in such a dangerous situation? It isn’t a crazy idea, trust me!

Ok, hang on! We think you’re still under a dilemma. Right?

To vanish all your confusion, we’ll acquaint you with a few benefits of remodeling your home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once you get convinced, read on the blog, and check out things that you should consider during the whole process for your safety purposes.

Benefits for taking up home renovation project now:

  • As many of you are still at home (either working or not), you must be having plenty of time to think about new design ideas
  • Nowadays, many designers, consultants, builders are offering discounts due to low season because of COVID-19 virus
  • To spur the economy, several banks have cut down the interest rates, so borrowing loans have become cheaper

Has your confusion all sorted? If yes, then continue reading the article and know some precautionary waysfor conducting your home revamping project.

Things to consider during your home renovation:

1. Follow Social Distancing:

With the quick spread of the virus, maintaining social distancing has become everyone’s priority, no matter what. And during your home renovation project, you may invite the virus through construction workers. Hence, you need to make and follow some rules of social distancing.

Restrict the number of workers: If one worker can do the job, then you shouldn’t allow multiple people for the same. In case you need two or more workers, then ask them to maintain a 2-meter distance and wear a face mask while working.

No public transportation: You should ask the renovation company to send their workers through a van or car. Do not entertain workers who reach your home through any public transport.

Stay home: In case any worker is having mild COVID-19 symptoms, you should ask them to quarantine themselves at home.

washing hands with soap
Sanitize hands: You should keep sanitizer at your gate and mandate everyone to use it before entering and exiting your home.

2. Hire a company with public liability insurance:

Before hiring any remodeling company, you should read their terms and conditions properly. You should select only that company who has valid public liability insurance. And it should be included in the guidelines when you sign the contract with them.

In case the builder does not possess insurance, then do not allow them to kick-start your project as it may turn out to be a huge risk for you, especially during a pandemic.

3. Order materials in advance:

Planning before starting a renovation project is a must. So, make a layout as well as a list of changes you’d like to make at your home. And accordingly, you should order the required materials in advance.

Every room of your home has some significance. Let’s talk about your living room. It is the space where you have fun activities, so it has to be comfortable (for that, learn living room dos and don’ts blog post). Likewise, based on the importance of every room, collect some ideas, and order materials beforehand.

4. Tackle some minor projects yourself:

With some idle time at home, it’s a good idea to carry on with some do-it-yourself (DIY)) jobs. We would recommend doing minor projects like repainting, up-cycling a piece of furniture, or landscaping your small deck. Do not take any complex DIY projects for which you’re not qualified.

Working on smaller upgrades will pass your time at home, also employing fewer professionals. Handyman services like electrical, plumbing, etc. are still operating in this scenario, so you should take their help. Also, it may be well cheaper to get a pro instead of doing yourself and then certainly paying to undo that work later.

5. Do not make an expensive investment:

With the economy deteriorating like never before, there are chances of an uncertain financial crisis shortly. Hence, we would suggest you to avoid making an expensive investment. You aren’t sure what’s lying ahead, so it’s unwise to withdraw a substantial portion of your savings. Considering your future, you can make a wise investment.

Hence, concentrate on those areas of your home, which badly needs an upgrade. The part of your home, which is in a pretty good condition, can wait for 1-2 years. Also, some elements of your home need regular cleaning, which isn’t a big deal.

For instance, you don’t need to get new rugs for your home, as sometimes they need your love (especially when you’ve pets). So, learn how to keep your carpet clean when you have pets and help yourself to avoid frustrating waste of money.

Communicate your feelings:

Among all the places around the globe, only a home is a place where you feel safe (especially during this pandemic). Also, once your abode gets old, it does need some revamp. But, the health and safety of everyone involved in your project comes first in every renovation decision you make. So, do consider the above things and head-start your remodeling project (C’mon hurry up!).

Also, once you have completed your renovation job, click some pictures of your new home, and post it on your Instagram page. Share your home renovation journey amid challenging days or current feelings, looking at your new home. We are telling you to do this because the World Photography Day (August 19) is a few weeks away. Hence, consider this day to communicate your feelings through the art of photography.


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