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Reinventing Your Home through Window and Door Replacement

by Greg on September 14, 2017

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Want to enhance your home’s good looks? You actually don’t need a luxurious upgrade for that. Most of the time, all you need to do is update your property’s most visible design elements, especially when they’re already old and worn. These include your windows and doors, essential components that contribute greatly to the look and feel of your living spaces. To ensure that your home continues to make a big impression from the curb, you should consider investing in window or door replacement.

When to Replace Your Window or Door?

Timing is important when it comes to a replacement project because you’ll want to make the most of your unit’s service life. At the same time, you don’t want to wait until they start compromising your home’s beauty and comfort before you get new ones. Here are some of the indications that should prompt a window or replacement:

window door replacement

  • Damaged and rotting frames. One of the first things you should watch out for is extensive damage to your window or door frame. Cracks and gaps along the material are not just unsightly–they also allow costly heated air to escape your home. At the same time, moist outdoor air leaks inside, compromising your space’s thermal stability, resulting in higher energy costs.
  • Broken window or door panes. Aside from contributing to significant energy loss, cracked or damaged panes are a safety concern. The fracture line may shift slightly over time, creating a sharp, raised edge. To avoid these and further damage, make sure to consult a trusted window or door company for a speedy replacement.
  • It could mean that the insulating gas between your window or door has oxidized. Because there’s no effective thermal barrier anymore, it leads to reduced energy performance.
  • Difficulties in operation. Do you notice any jamming or sticking when operating your windows and doors? While this can easily be a matter of oiling or replacing hardware, it’s also possible that the frames have become swollen due to moisture damage.

window door replacement
BEAUTY AND CONVENIENCE. Keep a lovelier and functional home by choosing the door and window style that best fits your home.

If you notice any or all of these telltale signs, turn to your trusted window or door company and start reinventing your home. Newer windows and doors have tighter seals that prevent energy loss and you’ll no longer have to worry about sticking or jamming as well. Replacement windows and doors also have sturdier hardware, allowing for smooth and effortless operation. Most importantly, newer units just look better. In fact, they’re particularly handy when you’re aiming to preserve your home’s architectural or historic accuracy.

Window and Door Styles to Consider

Check out some of the window and door styles that can help spruce up your home:

  1. Double Hung Windows. This option is a classic favorite among many homeowners, and for good reason. For starters, double hung windows can fit in with most residential architecture due to their clean and simple design. They won’t look out of place in any living space either, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Double hung windows come with two operable sashes that you can slide up and down. You can open them both at the same time, allowing warm, stale air to exit your home from the top, while letting in fresh, healthy air through the bottom. This results in cooler, more comfortable rooms, minus the high energy costs.
  1. Sliding Windows. If you own a contemporary-modern home, then sliding windows would fit just right in for you. Their slim frames and expansive glass can definitely add to your home’s distinctive style while offering stunning, unhampered views of the outdoors and letting considerable natural light stream inside your home. This makes sliding windows a lovely focal point in any room. Because they’re operable, sliding along their frames smoothly, you also have access to great natural ventilation.

window door replacement
BOW BEFORE BOW WINDOWS. With this window style, you’ll want to hang out in this cozy spot with a cup of steaming coffee every day.

  1. Bow Windows. This style protrudes from your home in a gentle arc. Allowing an expanded view of the outdoors from different angles, bow windows result in a brighter, more cheerful interior. They also feature a deep sill area that you can use as a cozy breakfast nook, lounge, or small storage. Bow windows can be installed anywhere, but they work best in living rooms and kitchens.
  1. Custom Windows. Does your home have a boring, unadorned wall space? Create an exceptional focal point in that same spot by installing custom windows. They can take on any shape or size, allowing for many design configurations. You can also opt to add an operable window among the combination to let in more light and air inside your home.

Of course, you can make your home stand out better by matching new exterior doors with your windows. Like the latter, they come in different styles, including:

  1. French Patio Doors. They instantly add a touch of elegance to your home with their timeless look and have a wide opening that accommodates considerable foot traffic, all while seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. You can choose from single or double-door configurations. This door style looks excellent in more traditional homes, like Colonial, Craftsman, and French Tudor.

window door replacement
SEAMLESS BEAUTY. Blur the line between the outdoors and your interior with classic French patio doors.

  1. Sliding Glass Patio Doors. If you prefer something sleeker and space-saving, you should consider sliding glass patio doors. They don’t swing outward or in, which helps save space. This also means you don’t have to move furniture and change room layouts just to accommodate the door style. Additionally, sliding glass patio doors come with thin frames and a large glass area, letting you enjoy plenty of natural light and expansive outdoor views.

Enhancing Window and Door Design: Some Quick Tips

One of the best things about door and window replacement is the fact that you can customize new units to better complement your home’s beauty. Take note of these quick tips to get you started:

  • Make sure that the color of framing material and trim adds to your exterior pallette. For instance, you can choose classic white frames for the exterior, and stained wood grain finish for the interior if you have a traditional home. Windows and doors that come in vibrant colors and larger expanse of glass fit better in homes done in contemporary-modern.
  • Don’t overlook hardware as well! Choose durable and smooth-operating ones–preferably in lovely metallic finishes. They can add a warm, finished look to your replacement doors and windows.
  • Equip your new units with creative grille patterns and advanced glass to improve both look and feel of your home. For grille pattern ideas, you can refer to which styles match your home’s architectural design.

Window and door replacement offer the easiest way to spruce up your home. Just make sure to hire a reliable window and door company for the job to ensure its success. This way, you can get your desired results, guaranteeing that your home’s reinvention runs smoothly from start to finish.


Eric Minkiewicz

As president of Renewal by Andersen of Eastern New York, Eric Minkiewicz helps homeowners in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley with their home improvement needs by providing high-quality replacement windows and doors. He also shares home improvement tips and other industry knowledge through the company blog. Check it out for updates from Eric!

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