Reasons to Incline Digital Nomads from Hostels to Homes

by Greg on March 20, 2018

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Hostels are usually the first choice for digital nomads mainly because they are cheaper and convenient. There are opportunities for meeting new people, and you can participate in different activities going around. However, there’s no way one can ignore the horror stories of theft, disgusting filth, and all sorts of red flags.

For a digital nomad, there are more important things than just convenience and low prices. In fact, when there are vacation rentals available at a similar cost, there are tons of other reasons why digital nomads should consider homes instead of hostels. Depending on how extreme you go with your trips, even the best hostels may not be able to provide you with the basic needs of a working traveler. If hostels have been your only option, here are all the reasons why you should ditch them now and consider rental homes instead.

Stable, Reliable Wi-Fi Connection

To keep up with your work and remain productive, it’s essential to have access to stable and reliable Wi-Fi internet connection. There’s no way you can compromise on this particular need of a digital nomad. When you choose to stay in a hostel, the same internet is shared between tens or hundreds of people. That’s the worst case scenario you can picture yourself in. The Wi-Fi strength may be enough for you if all you need to do is basic messaging and emailing, but keeping in mind the nature of your work, you definitely need something much stronger and reliable. While you are trying to be more productive at the end of the day, witnessing other hostel mates skyping with their family or trying to stream online entertainment can be quite frustrating. In short, it becomes unbearable to deal with the internet connection that’s barely working. On the other hand, when you opt for a vacation home, you can enjoy the internet all by yourself. Just do your research to ensure that the place offers a reliable and unshared Wi-Fi connection.

Added Security

Hostels can’t compete with the added security that digital nomads can experience at homes. At least, you know where you will be living and under what circumstances. With hostels, it’s a very unpredictable deal. You get to share the space with people who could be a threat to your security and your belongings. Hostels also lack proper background checks – mainly because it’s a cheaper accommodation option. You are literally left with different kinds of people to deal with. In such cases, you are always expected to stay highly aware and carry all your valuable belongings whenever you are out and about.
In homes, you enjoy better security. You are aware of the people and the situations. You are sometimes even provided with electronic storage spaces to store your valuables while you are away.

Proper Working Space

Another must-have for a digital nomad is an appropriate workstation. While you can find tables and chairs in the common area in some hostels, finding a peaceful place where you can sit and remain productive can be a little challenging. Also, you are not sure whether these tables are laptop friendly or near a power socket. You can also expect this little space to be extremely cramped. You can take care of the noise by plugging in your headphones, but you cannot really ignore the people who might spill their dinner on your laptop! A vacation home, on the other hand, provides you a private, secure, and peaceful working space, where you can do all the brainstorming without people nagging you.

Better Privacy

If privacy is not your primary concern, then at least you would prefer staying with like-minded people. Forget about productivity, the workspaces (if available) are so crowded and messed up, that even paying attention to work becomes challenging. Moreover, the TV is on, and there are other similar distractions you have to deal with. The only way you can avoid all this and enjoy privacy while working is to opt for homes instead. Depending on the place you will choose, you can even specify if you need more privacy.


Even digital nomads would prefer a sense of hominess regardless of where they are. It’s a factor that makes you more comfortable living in a place that’s entirely new to you. This could be particularly important for some people who enjoy that cozy feeling when they are finally falling asleep after a tiring day. Opting for homes for your stay instead of hostels can offer you this luxury. You will not only feel much more comfortable but will be at ease as compared to living in a cramped hostel room.

Access to Better Facilities

In addition to a reliable source of internet, there are many other facilities that you would enjoy as a digital nomad. For instance, multiple power sockets to keep your gadgets charged, easy access to a quiet and peaceful workstation, and even a fully equipped kitchen. If you opt for a home instead of a hostel, you can look for options that enable you to utilize their kitchen and enjoy food no matter where you are. Food is a significant concern, especially if you are staying in the region with choices that are different from your taste preferences. With access to a kitchen, you can eat whatever you want. Simply get the products you need and cook yourself a delicious meal. Some properties may even have a cook to fulfill your demands. While this comes at an additional cost, having access to real living while you are away on a trip totally makes it worth it.


Living in homes instead of hostels have a comparatively bigger price tag. However, if you pay attention to all the reasons mentioned earlier, you will be able to make a better choice. As a digital nomad, there are tons of concerns that need to be addressed when you are moving from one place to another. So do your research and find homes at a cheaper rate and enjoy better and comfortable living than hostels.

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