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by Chris Lang on March 10, 2015


Being quite choosy about my apps I usually stick to the ones that get my approval for a while.

One of my long-time favorites was the property app of, and – exciting news! – it has just been upgraded, to include some handy features that moved it from “good” to “great” on my list.

What I used to like the most about this app was that it showed the most recent auctions with sold prices right on the map.

Now the developers went further and added the possibility of showing more information in the form of layers on the map, which can be switched on or off.

They added Heatmaps that visualise for you the median prices or the weekly rent in specific areas, so the colour instantly points out places where it’s more expensive to live.

RealestateVIEW app Heatmaps

But this is not all, it gets better. Now there is a group of map layers called “Points of interest” that include Schools, Public transport, Supermarkets, Service stations, Restaurants, Banks and Hospitals.

RealestateVIEW app points of interestEach of these layers can be individually switched on, and if you’ve seen a house for sale or rent that you really like, it’s very easy to see which schools are located nearby and whether it’s close enough to a supermarket. All you need to do is tap on the relevant layer and voila, there are icons on the map showing you everything there is to know about the area.

Switching the layers on and off individually helps keep the map neat and less cluttered.

This makes my life easier, because I don’t have to switch to another app, type in the address again (copy-paste can be a pain on smart phones, as we know) and begin scanning the map around that location for the info I need.

Another interesting feature is the app tries to anticipate your personal needs – it shows you similar properties based on previous searches and property requirements.

The app is free and available on all iPhone and Android smartphones and can be downloaded here.

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