Asks: Is It Time You Left The Nest?

by Chris Lang on September 12, 2013

Life at home is beginning to come to terms with harsh facts of life. At the moment first home buyers are not buying – and if this situation doesn’t change soon, the whole housing industry is in trouble. Who will the investors flip houses to? Who will add fuel to the property fire, who will keep the inflated house prices from tumbling down?

We’ve overheard this conversation happening late at night in the boardroom of

Realestate Agent Pinky:
‘Gee, Agent Brain, what do you want to do tonight?’

Realestate Agent Brain:
‘The same thing we do every night, Agent Pinky – try to create new first home buyers! Or, at least let’s get them to rent their own place!’

And so the idea for this new video was born – let’s try a bit of offensive sarcasm to push young people to buy or rent overpriced housing. Let’s show how smart we are and classify them into most common types of stay-at-homers:

  • The Mumma’s Boyous Dependus – a young male who hasn’t learnt how to separate himself from his mother
  • The Video Gameth Addictuth – a young male whose addiction to video games has made it difficult to procure a ‘mate’
  • And The Footwearus Collectum – a young female whose obsession with footwear has made it difficult to afford to leave home

Click to play the video

Or watch it on YouTube here

I realise that I sound pretty negative about this ‘innocent’ attempt. Some could try and say that I am biased – but I would disagree. Even though personally I left the nest early, it still makes sense to me that many young people just can’t afford to buy a home, or don’t see the sense in renting one (as opposed to saving that money towards their deposit) so they choose to keep living with their parents.

To tell you even more, it’s pretty ironic that the same folk who helped create this situation with blown up house prices, are now conducting research to classify the ‘types who stay with mum and dad’. How about you do something helpful to ENABLE the ‘stay-at-homers’, as you call them, buy a house?

Are you still living with your parents? What are your reasons?

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