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Readers share: Lessons from Rachel’s first home buying experience

by Chris Lang on December 18, 2012

First home buyer's advice

Here’s how Rachel describes buying her first home – and the lessons she learned in the process:

“Buying my first home was one of the most important and exciting yet terrifying experiences I will ever have.

There are so many things to consider! The biggest pieces of advice I would offer:

Do you research, shop around & talk about it until you’re out of breath.

Don’t take what every agent or bank manager says as the right answer, they’re all trying to get your business. Ask questions.

When you think you’ve found a home you like walk through it at different times on different days.

Don’t worry about annoying the agent. If they want to sell the house they’ll be more than willing to let you look!

Don’t compromise on important things. When I first walked through my first home the first thing I noticed was the tiny bathroom and how frustrating that would be as a family. It was important to me that my bathroom was spacious and had a modern look with modern bathroom décor. I knew it was something that would bother me but my husband talked me around it. 3 years later and it was still a bathroom I hated and we had definitely outgrown the house.

You need to think long term when buying your first home. If you’re going to want children before you move out of this house you need to make sure it’s big enough!”

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