Rattan Garden Furniture Always Enhancing Outdoor Spaces And Comfort

by Greg on April 27, 2016

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The furnishings you choose can have a huge impact on the look and comfort of your outdoor space. Pick the wrong ones and they will leave your guests unimpressed and not so eager to come back and relax at your home and not to mention leave your property not looking nearly as good as it can. For those who are thinking of a furniture upgrade this year, rattan garden furniture should be first on their list.

A Taste Of The Exotic Right At Home
While most other types of wooden furniture are often indistinguishable from one another especially with so many different stains and finishes, rattan is the opposite. It has a very distinct look and feel that is right out of the tropics. The majority of it actually comes from Southeast Asia and instead of it being made up of a handful of pieces of wood like you’d normally see it is comprised of a large number of strands all woven together to create a look like no other.

Strands Make A Big Difference
Rattan Furniture
It is the fact that it is made up of these thin strands that makes rattan garden furniture not just gorgeous but extra convenient for homeowners. Since they aren’t rigid but instead more vine-like, they are flexible enough that manufacturers can use them to create any size and shape furnishings they want in order to meet the demands of consumers. And having a huge variety to choose from is always a good thing. An extra plus is the fact that since it isn’t made up of large pieces of solid wood it is incredibly light and durable. So you can move and re-arrange it to your liking, the weather, or to suit the needs of your guests.

Space Limitations No More
There are even special varieties that can be used by those who might not have been able to buy any outdoor furniture because they thought they didn’t have enough space. Rattan cube garden furniture is a unique and helpful choice. That’s because these dining sets are able to form a chic looking cube that saves a huge amount of space when all of their separate pieces are pushed together. Some sets and pieces are designed to have a hollow core. With this type you can flip open the table, bench, or sofa to quickly and easily store items that otherwise would cause your garden or patio space to become cluttered and unsightly. And they of course keep them dry and protected from the elements so you won’t have to worry about your extra pillows, garden equipment, or children’s toys getting damaged.

Should You Go Real Or Synthetic?
Rattan Garden Furniture
Authentic rattan is the only way to go for many people. They just adore the texture and charm that only the real thing provides. For shoppers who want something a little tougher but that looks very similar there is a synthetic type known as rattan effect furniture that is just as popular. It comes in all the same colors and types but instead of being real wood it uses strands of durable plastic resin to mimic it. A lot of these are so realistic looking that unless you were told they weren’t authentic wood you would literally have no clue.
In order to make your outdoor space as functional and attractive as possible, your furnishings will need to be made from a material which can handle the job. Rattan garden furniture can do so with ease and turn your garden or patio into the area you’ve always truly desired with as little effort as it takes to set them down. Pick a type and of course whether you want real or synthetic and you’ll be quickly on your way to success!


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