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by Chris Lang on January 21, 2012

Weekend property links

This week I’ve read a few interesting articles about what’s happening in the property market – so here is some reading for your weekend:

Property is overvalued by 60% @ News.com.au: A leading US real estate analyst Jordan Wirsz believes Australia is heading towards a property bloodbath as the global economic downturn spreads to China and eventually here. And judging by some comments left by real estate agents they are scared to death people will actually listen to Jordan 🙂

Homes failing to hold value @ News.com.au: Apparently, thousands of homes are sitting on the market nation-wide – and Melbourne is the worst offender. There were 43% more unsold homes on the market in Melbourne in December 2011 than in the same month a year ago (and that’s in the most active market!) Why? I guess the vendors are in a deep denial.

Renovation projects: do it yourself or turn it over to the professionals? @ Propertyobserver.com.au: According to Chris Gray, the only part of renovation you can handle if you don’t have plenty of time, skills and experience is the painting 🙂 but, jokes aside, the article offers some sound advice for people new to DIY reno projects, so is worth reading.

8 ways to lose money on property in 2012
@ Apimagazine.com.au: Michael Yardney is showing the 8 methods of property investing that may look attractive on the outside but can be quite dangerous on the inside.

What’s the most interesting article you’ve read this week?

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