Problems getting connected to NBN

by Greg on June 29, 2017

NBN connection problems

There are a number of common issues that can crop up when trying to get connected to the NBN. Remember that at the time of writing NBN are lighting up 60,000 properties to be able to order NBN every single week. With this number of new properties trying to get connected to a new national broadband network there are clearly going to be some that have difficulties.

One important requirement of the NBN is for the property to be registered as a property in their database. If the house doesn’t exist on their system – you can’t order a service. If a house has just been built then it’s likely not been registered by NBN on their network. A prospective customer must speak with their RSP and get the new address registered. This is a common request and is known as a service request with NBN. It often takes between 5 and 10 days for this registration to take place, and after which time a service can be ordered.

If a property is extremely remote then it may not have a full street address. This can lead to complications in the NBN ordering system, as to place an order the ordered address must match what they have in their system exactly. Establishing how NBN have the address lodged in their system can take some time. The best way to combat this is to watch out for a letter from NBN stating that the address is ready to order a service. This letter will include the unique LOC Id (location Id) for the property. Simply provide this LOC ID to your ISP and they’ll be able to order the service straight away.

Unfortunately some of the big NBN providers may not spend the time and effort in locating your address or working with NBN to get your new address registered. The ‘big guys’ (Telstra, Optus, TPG and alike) all have such huge databases of existing customers that are now able to order NBN. If they don’t convert these customers to NBN they are at risk of losing them and dramatically seeing their customer numbers decrease. As such they are focused on converting these customers and often don’t have the time or resource to work on the difficult ones to help get end users with address issues connected.

Smaller NBN only ISP’s like Tangerine Telecom don’t have huge legacy customers on old infrastructure to convert to NBN. As such they are focused and keen to assist customers get through the address issues we one can see on the NBN address system.

Other common issues are missed appointments by NBN technicians. This is often caused by bad weather, NBN capacity shortfalls, NBN high workload or other complications affecting their ability to active a service at the scheduled appointment time and date.

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