Pre-purchase inspection: things that go wrong and how to get it right

by Chris Lang on July 10, 2008

I recently had two building and pest inspections done by two different companies. The price was almost the same – but the difference in quality of service was amazing.

The first company responded to my booking promptly and arranged for the inspection to be carried out on the next day. I was promised that in case they find termites I will get a call immediately. Of course I was hoping that they wouldn’t because I really had my heart set on that property, but guess what – they did. Their inspector called me and let me know that there were signed of infestation and that the report will have the details.

Naturally, I was anxiously waiting for the report, checking my email every hour. At 12 in the afternoon I finally lost my patience and called the company only to get “Yes, we’re working on your report, it will take another hour to get it ready and, by the way, we have lost all the pictures taken during the inspection because of a faulty camera”. Can you imagine how furious I was! The only reason why I hired that company was because the sample report they had online looked really good, many large pictures with all the problematic spots circled to be easily seen.

Of course after such a fiasco I wasn’t going to hire them ever again. Luckily I found another company – and this time I will mention a name because I would recommend them to anyone: BuyWise. They are real professionals. The inspection was quickly booked for me by a very friendly lady, I got to choose the day and the time, they let me be present during the inspection and they were actually half an hour earlier on site than we scheduled! Pest inspector had a specially trained dog with him – what a brilliant idea to train a dog to detect termites! The building inspector didn’t leave any of my questions unanswered and only left when I was completely satisfied. I got the report early on the next day, great pictures and even an estimate of costs for all the repairs needed. I would definitely use their services again.

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