Pop culture inspired bathroom designs

by Greg on May 19, 2020

pop culture inspired bathroom design

With many of us currently stuck in the house, chances are we’ve all thought about what we would change in our homes if money and ever-changing trends weren’t a problem. Now if you’ve been thinking about bathroom designs, you’re in for a treat as bathroom specialists, Drench.co.uk, have mocked up four fun bathrooms inspired by some of the world’s most influential pop-culture icons.

But can you guess which who inspired each of the four designs? Here are some hints:

Here, you can pretend you’re in your own Yellow Submarine. (The Beatles).
The Beatles inspired bathroom design

Pop! Splash! Crash!
Comics inspired bathroom design

Here, the shower may drip out out Purple Rain.
Purple Rain inspired bathroom design

Is this toilet in Studio 54?
Studio 54 inspired bathroom design

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