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Out From The Old: Reliable Things That Your Bedroom Needs

by Greg on July 6, 2017

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Everyone aims to have a place where they can feel peaceful. However, when it is time to decorate the house, people often prioritize the public spaces like the living room and kitchen, then let the private room fall behind.

Homeowners should give equal attention to the public and private rooms in the house. Devoting some time in designing a bedroom can create a big impact. It can give a personal touch especially if the things used have a personal touch.

Here are some of the reliable things that the bedroom needs.


As the name suggests, the most important thing in a bedroom is the bed. Some people give little importance to the convenience and comfortability when choosing a bed. It is necessary to prioritize that the bed placed in the bedroom gives both convenience and comfort.

Quality Mattress

It is necessary also to have a good mattress. Find a mattress that will keep the body cool and will give a great back support. Don’t be hesitant on spending money for a new mattress because high-quality mattress will last for 10 to 15 years. Mostly, the cheap ones will only last half.

Furniture that Maximizes Space

maximize space furniture
It is smart to choose furniture that can fill the available space and is available for use until its maximum potential. Items like a narrow dresser can fit in the corner of the room, compared to the shorter ones that can only collect clutter. Since the dresser is narrow, it fills up more of the vertical space and no visible clutter since all are behind the closed doors.

Ottoman can be a great item for maximizing space. It can work as an extra seat, great storage, and a perfect nightstand. Either the furniture does double duty, or it’s a piece of furniture that uses space conveniently. It is the purpose of furniture that is going to break or make the organization of a bedroom.

Unique Color Elements

color elements in furniture
Using any color is a good addition to the ambiance of a bedroom, especially if it’s in a whitewashed setting. Venture in using solid colors and play with saturated hues with the use of decorative accessories. Colors can help in uplifting the mood.

Shelves and Wall Hooks

Shelves and wall hooks
Vertical spaces are essential especially in spaces that are low on closet space. It is wise to add wall hooks for belts, coats, and handbags. Having additional wall shelves for plants, books and things that are for display is a smart move as well. The hook can be put behind the door or along the doorway.


Whatever the flooring of the bedroom, it will be cozier if there is a nice rug. A rug can change the ambiance of a bedroom. Any bedroom will have a benefit if it has a soft and fluffy bedside rug.


Creating a peaceful ambiance for a bedroom depends on the types of furniture and things included while designing it. There are a lot of things that can be inside the bedroom.

However, there are only a few things that are important and necessary especially if the owner wants to create a peaceful and neat ambiance. Things listed above are some of the stuff to consider while designing a bedroom.


Rachel Minahan

Interior designer-blogger Rachel Minahan recently moved to Brisbane after spending four years in Sydney. She enjoys writing about home development, design, and tips. Rachel also is an avid follower of Beds Online. She likes to design furniture and bed frames during her free time.

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