Old But New: Clever Ideas For Repurposing Old Furniture

by Greg on June 16, 2017

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Upcycling projects and repurposing of old pieces of furniture range from moving a piece of bedroom furniture to other areas of your house for another purpose. For example, moving a chest drawer to the foyer to keep winter wears and school supplies is one act of upcycling.

For people with nominal skills in carpentry, upcycling furniture includes the complete transformation of an item into a new one. For instance, they can convert an old door into a new table transforming its functionality and physical design.

Nowadays, decorating a home with upcycled furniture is a viable idea and trend among consumers who want to update the look of their house but don’t want to purchase new items. The act of reusing, repurposing, and upcycling old pieces of furniture are creative ways to keep items out of landfills and save money.


Scroll down this article and read about the ingenious and unique ways to reuse old pieces of furniture.

From Door To Table

from door to table repurposing furniture

Give your old wooden door a new life by converting it into a one-of-a-kind dining table. All you need to do is cut and resize the old door, strip out the old paint and fill the recesses with epoxy or cover it with a glass top. The last procedure is to add legs, and there you have it, a unique table out of your old garage door.

From Table To Nightstands

from table to nightstands repurposing furniture

And, talking about tables, if you have one that you no longer use, you can repurpose it as a new nightstand. You can cut the table into half then paint it with a new shade. Next, mount the cut end to the wall on both sides of the bed for matching nightstands.

Converting Old Cribs Into Bench

bench made from old cribs

If you have a crib that you’ve been keeping for a long time, now is the time to pull it back and transform it into a functional bench that will look good anywhere in the house. The idea of upcycling this old furniture enables you to keep the fond memories of your childhood and create a new one as you sit on the bench.

The Suitcase Chair

the suitcase chair

Creating a comfortable seat from a piece of old luggage is one of the unique ideas in upcycling furniture. A suitcase chair is suitable for areas with limited space where extra seating is required.

Coffee Table From the Window

Coffee table from the window repurposing furniture

The sky is the only limit when it comes to repurposing ideas. One excellent example of innovative repurposing is converting a window into a chic coffee table. Upcycling furniture like this one is doable and easy with pictorial instructions.

The Bathtub Sofa

the bathtub sofa

Admit it, you like sitting and indulging in a bathtub as a form of pampering. Of course, the charm of a clawfoot tub is irresistible too. So, instead of ditching the old one, why not make a bathtub sofa and add a unique piece to your personal space. It will beckon people to sit and relax on it. And it will affix more charm to your living space.

Oversized Vintage Message Board

Oversized vintage message board

Good news for mattress junkies out there, you can now give your old but well-loved bedroom staple a new look and purpose.

No need to turn your backs on the old mattress. You can now hang a mattress spring on your wall as an oversized and unique message board.

Simply clean the rust in the spring with a wire brush and apply a clear overcoat to get a vintage look.

From Cabinet Door To Mantle Decor

From Cabinet Door To Mantle Decor

Remodeling a home sometimes leave you with excess materials. For example, extra cabinet doors left from kitchen remodeling can serve as decors.

Paint the cabinet doors to match the color scheme in the room and put it on the mantel to give it a new look and purpose. Finish the look with decorative candles to fill the room with a kind aura.

Bold and Bright Focal Point

buckets with colorful paints

A fresh coat of paint is sometimes the only thing that a piece of furniture needs to create a new life into a living space. You can paint an old coffee table with fresh and eye-catching hues.

An unexpected pop of color is a good contrast to the traditional lines of the old furniture. Loud colors make a particular piece of furniture the focal point in a neutral living room.

The New Antique

functional antiques

If you don’t want to throw away or sell your antique furniture, there’s a way to make it functional again, a dash of little creativity is all that you need.

One good example is turning a Hoosier cupboard into a practical home office desk. With a fresh coat of paint and some refines, the old cupboard can become a working desk.

Cupboard drawers give more space storage and provide plenty of compartments for your office equipment. Not only does it add aesthetic value to your space, but it is also a treasure trove of great memories.


Whether you’re skilled or novice in the field of home carpentry, repurposing, upcycling or rehabilitating old items of furniture in your home is achievable with the right tools in hand. There’s sure to be old pieces of stuff that are already taking up too much space that you can give some makeover and could put to better use to tidy your humble abode.


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